WITH .62% VOTES, AIMIM ZERO WINS – MCD ELECTION results are Shockingly Islamophobic

WITH .62% VOTES, AIMIM ZERO WINS – MCD ELECTION results are Shockingly Islamophobic

(Sohail Siddiqui) Muslims of Delhi did not vote for AIMIM they voted Congress party as their first choice in Muslim majority wards of Delhi Municipal corporation. Out of 9 Congress councillors who won 7 are Muslims or Muslims of Delhi rejected AIMIM. This is the Anti-Muslim machinary message churning out of MCD election results.

While it is simply impossible to believe this as supporters of AIMIM are in a shock. Is it a state conspiracy to finish off the only non-brahmin alternative available to Indian Muslims under whose Umbrella they can ensure that a democratic India works according to the constitution ensuring total protection to Muslim Indian in every sphere of life.

Have not the Brahmin Parties in MCD elections buried the only constitutional voice of Muslims they fear the most. Is this burial a fair democratic exercise or the dirty work of the secret hand of the Brahmin state ?

It is too early to point out the entire details of this conspiracy to not let Muslims have platform offered by Asaduddin’s AIMIM to share fruits of democracy rightfully as other political parties use them as free slave voters to secure power with out sharing it with them from last 75 years.

( Syed Hyder Shuja master in EVM manipulations must be having all the answers)

Though all democratic pillars have gone Islamophobic AIMIM which firmly believes in Indian constitution must approach the highest court of law to order an inquiry into possible rigging of EVM’s against them in MCD elections.

Congress had given 27 tickets to Muslims & out 242 it fielded in MCD elections. 9 Congress candidates won & 7 out of these are Muslims. Total 16 Muslims have won in MCD polls, seven from Congress ,8 from AAP & one Independent Muslim women.

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