Will Dawood Ibrahim Avenge the state murder of Atiq, Ashraf & Asad ?

Will Dawood Ibrahim Avenge the state murder of Atiq, Ashraf & Asad ?

(Bismillahnews-18-04-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Post Babri Masjid Demolition the anti-muslim carnage in Mumbai & all over India had forced the unanimous revenge against the barbaric perpetrators of one sided Mahem against Muslims & mass destruction of their properties in Mumbai with active collusion of state with anti-social hindutva brigade goons calling the shots.The post Babri Masjid Demolition in 1992 had eroded the trust of Secular forces in the Indian state & hence the govt.of the day outsourced the Mumbai bombing to Dawood “Bhai” via US to bring the rogue Hindutva under control. What Dawood Ibrahim & co did brought the required pressure on Hindutva forces & they were scared into their bills.The Americans played an important part in backing Dawood Ibrahim & his immunity in Pakistan. The state sponsored Muslim clergy embedded with US Saudi lobby with the then govt.in demolition of Babri Masjid as it is today with post SC verdict against Babri Masjid…joined the muslim criminal clegy mafia taking over the revenge course against the Hindutva. Dileep Kumar & others too came out in open to help Muslims in the distress & opened their houses for relief.
The same situation has arisen today with BJP state governments sponsoring saffron hindutva terrorists to loot, main & kill Muslims & their properties with full protection from the state forces.

The full spectrum dominance of fear in Muslims all over India has again left a vaccum for other Muslim Dons to jump in to arrest the process of subjugation of 30 crore Muslims of India by a mad bigot regime running federal & most of state governments.

Don Atiq is dead but does that means the hindutva criminals patronised by Modi/Yogi/RSS/BJP set on “mitti mey Mila denge” agenda will go unchallenged ?

The 2024 election hardly a year away the non-BJP opposition has again approached the D gang to help control the fascist Hindutva criminal network which enjoys state patronage.

The Muslim criminal D gang which controls the criminal Muslim clergy with its donations has again got lever over them with death of hindutva trusted Maulana Rabey Hasni Nadvi whose 22 years of tenure as Chief of AIMPLB served Babri Masjid on a platter to Hindutva by deliberately loosing the court case. It not only stopped here but allowed 3 Talaq intervention in personal Law & kept aloof of article 370 abrogation in J&K leaving the Muslims of Kashmir at the mercy of fanatic hindutva terrorists. Criminal Ghulam Nabi Azad facilitated the process not only on abrogation of 370 but in improving Modi – Israel relations by not letting Rajya Sabha where he was leader of the opposition pass a resolution condemning attack on Palestinians then.

While on the other hand it is very much possible this time Taliban could back the D gang efforts in a big way. What ever the case may be the swords are out the Hamas & Hezbollah too are not far behind in announcing action against ” Mitti mey Mila denge”. ****. ( Part -2 to be contd. )

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