Did ASWT send Storm to protect Imran Khan ? Which Arab leaders call stopped police arrest of Imran Khan ? Was it MBS on President Pak Alvi’s call ? – Sohail Siddiqui reports on Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons already sold.

(Bismillahnews-18-05-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Orya Maqbool Jan has observed in his late night tweet that because of sudden appearance of red Strom outside Imran Khan’s house the entire police operation had to be stopped as policemen were so terrified because of Strom that they ran where ever they could to save their lives. Orya saheb has also quoted an Ayat from Quran quoting the miracles of Quran. While this has spread the message that Allah is with Imran khan & he is under ASWT’s protection.

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