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How to Make a Deposit for Phone, Email or Visitation using Even if you havent recently been involved in a crime, you may have been misidentified or accidentally implicated in a crime. If your inmate has been charged but not yet convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony, he or she will most likely be held inthe county detention center where the crime occurred. Manage Settings Inmate Lookup Inmate Search The search feature displays currently incarcerated inmates through five-days post release. When did the St. Lucie County Jail begin planning for COVID-19? To Bail out or Post Bond for an Inmate in St. Lucie County Jail follow these steps: For complete Instructions on How to Bail or Bond an Inmate in St. Lucie County Jail, check out ourInmate Bailpage. Visitors are expected to make appointments at 772-462-3450, 772-462-3414 before dropping by to visit their loved ones. Readmit-ct6 Operating A Motorcycle Without A Proper License Time Served $0.00, Inmate Id: 22662 Current Population. Age: 40 Most recent. Arresting Agency: Port St. Lucie Police Department Joseph Sposa. The St. Lucie County Jail allows inmates to receive visitors at the appointed time. The gift packs for inmates in St. Lucie County range in price from $10.49 for ten pre-stamped envelopes, 2 pens and a pad of writing paper, to $104.99 for a box of 85 snack and food items. If you are on probation or parole, or you have recently been released from the jail, it is unlikely that your visit will be allowed. Continue with Recommended Cookies, Address: To conduct a search either enter a partial first or last name OR search with the "%" sign in the last name field to display all inmates. You must enter a value in the First Name or Last Name field First Name: Last Name: All persons displayed here are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. If you would like to know if a person is currently in jail, please call the jail directly at 772-220-7220. #Immigration Corrections Jail Inmate Search Jail Inmate Search For additional information or assistance, please call the Martin County Sheriff's Office Department of Corrections at 772-220-7200. #Battery At minimum you will need a first and last name. Other St. Lucie County Services provided by GettingOut: How do you search for an inmate that is in the St. Lucie County Jail in Florida? Booking Time: 19:17:00 St. Lucie County Jail Address: 900 N. Rock Rd Ft. Pierce, FL 34945 Phone: 772-462-3450 St. Lucie County Jail Inmate Commissary Information St. Lucie County Jail allows pre-determined commissary packs to be purchased by friends and family of inmates. Saint Lucie County Mugshots: Public Criminal Inmate Arrest Records Search. Hold Okeechobee Vop Child Abus By Intentional Inflict Of Mental/physical In Jury Pending $0.00. Secure digital messaging allows for a delay between the emails of the inmate and their friends and family, so that the jail can scan the communication for illegal or other communications against their policies. Port St. Lucie is not responsible for the content of external sites. Housing: D2w-d2 The owners of this site do not own the records found on this site or any public records database. This is a passive informational site providing organization of public data, obtainable by anyone. ** This post is showing arrest information only. Bob- Dui Alcohol Or Drugs// 6-22-16// $15000//pwr# X31-20145// Carroll Collins Bb Pending $15,000.00, Inmate Id: 187756 The Department of Detention accounts for nearly half the agency's personnel and financial resources. Fta-ct1 Driving With License Suspended Time Served $0.00 The St. Lucie County Sherifff, is the head law enforcement officer in the county. Inmate ID numbers, also known as Booking numbers, Book numbers or Case numbers are found next to their name in the St. Lucie County Jail Inmate Search feature of this page. Most recent. St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office; Fort Pierce Police Department; Port St. Lucie Police Department; Florida Highway Patrol - Fort Pierce; United States Marshals Service; The St. Lucie County Jail is "open" 24-hours-a-day. The best place to start would be the website of the St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office. 2. These other services come with fees that you can pay for when you pay for phone service. If they have been sentenced, you will also be able to view their release date. To search for an inmate in the St. Lucie County Jail in Florida, use our JailExchange Inmate Search feature found on this page. #Disorderly Conduct Continue with Recommended Cookies. Important Note: This website is not affiliated with the U.S. Government or any State or Federal government agency and is not an official source of information. An arrest or booking does not mean that the individual has been convicted or is guilty of the crime. (Current in 2021), Crime Statistics for St. Lucie County, Florida. St. Lucie County Jail Announces Major Inmate Email and Text Policy - January 4, 2023. This information does not infer or imply guilt of any actions or activity other than their arrest. Arresting Agency: St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office Choose Florida, then St. Lucie County Jail,and then the products you want shipped to them, and input your payment method. Indian River County Bookings. Recent Arrests and/or Pre-trial Inmates in St. Lucie County Jail. Ct7 Giving False Information To A Pawnbroker Pending $5,000.00 Manage Settings From there you can arrange a visit, send money, help them set up a phone account and help get them commissary. We and our partners use data for Personalised ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. St. Lucie County Bookings. Go to this page for inmates in Florida. Frequently Asked Questions, * All the information you need to have complete knowledge about inmate visitation; policies, rules, fees, schedules, tips, dress codes, and children, lawyers andclergyvisitation in St. Lucie County, can be found on ourVisit InmatePage. Date: 2/14 3:51 am . Other than 'at the jail' visits between you and your inmate, which is explained and outlined in detail on our, How to Deposit Money into an Inmate's Account in St. Lucie County Jail, Enter the Inmate ID of your inmate. Then add funds to your account. Ct 1 Battery//bond 15,000-//fl Pu Only Pending $15,000.00 Last, select St. Lucie County Jail, and then theinmate you wish to communicate with. St. Lucie County Jail uses GettingOut for some or all of its communication services with an inmate. For all information, tips and available items for shipping, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), US Enemy Combatant High Value Detainees (HVD), Florida Department of Corrections Prison Inmate Search. Call, How to Arrange Video Visitation with St. Lucie County JailInmates. First, Register or Sign In to GettingOut/GTL If you do not want your e-mail address released to a public-records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. - Phone Calls &Voicemail The charge is not stated in the arrest affidavit. To look up the detainee, users need the full legal name the person used upon their arrest and the country the person claimed they originated from. For full instructions on the St. Lucie County Jail Inmate Phone System, what the costs are, how it works, and tips and guidelines on rules, regulations and saving money on calls, check out ourInmate PhonesPage. For all the information you need to know regarding scheduling, cost, rules, tips and guidelines of inmate visits at the St. Lucie County Jail, check out ourVisit InmatePage. Locate at, and it has several different resources concerning crime, arrest warrants, and even those in jail. If you have any questions about the St. Lucie County Jail Visitation Servicesyou can call them at 866-516-0115. St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office. Type in the inmate's name and it will tell you where he or she is incarcerated and their projected release date. The St. Lucie County Jail is governed by Florida Model Jail Standards and accredited by the Florida Corrections Accreditation Commission and the National Commission of Correctional Healthcare. This site does not charge for viewing any of our published data, and we do not accept payments of any kind. Copyright 2023. The upside of all of this is the ease of which you can do all of this without ever having to physicallygoto the jail. General correspondence between an inmate, family and friends is encouraged. Booking Date: 10-16-2015 Charges unknown. All data on this site is obtained directly from law enforcement agencies in their respective states and counties, and is public domain. Housing: D2e-d9 We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Booking Time: 02:10:00 St Lucie County Jail located in Ft. Pierce FL (Florida) 2, St Lucie County Jail located in Ft. Pierce FL (Florida) 3, St Lucie County Jail located in Ft. Pierce FL (Florida) 4, St Lucie County Jail located in Ft. Pierce FL (Florida) 5, St Lucie County Jail located in Ft. Pierce FL (Florida) 1, Due to the ability of third party companies providing a secure environment for, Complete instructions on how to sign up for this service for the St. Lucie County Jail, and how it works can be found below. Knowing what state the inmate is in is good; knowing which county is even better. Search the most recent bookings in your local area & see their mugshots. If you have any outstanding warrants, dont even think about coming to the St. Lucie County Jail, as you will be arrested. They are held in detention centers approved by Immigration Custody and Enforcement until their hearing or date they are deported back to their home country. Inmate Id: 224945 The St. Lucie County Jail, located at: 900 N. Rock Rd Ft. Pierce, FL 34945 can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 772-462-3450. Inmates in St. Lucie County Jail, if they don't already, will soon have their own personal tablets for watching movies, TV shows, access to educational and and legal information, and more. Each county is updated daily and new areas are being added constantly! To send a commissary carepack (food, snacks and goods) directly to an inmate in St. Lucie County Jail follow these steps: For all information, tips and available items for shippingCommissarypackages to an inmate inSt. Lucie County Jail, as well as sending money to the inmate so that they can purchase their own items, check out our Commissary Instructions PageforSt. Lucie County. Most states have Department of Corrections websites that allow you to type in a felon's first and last name and pull up inmates in that state. Booking Offenses The consent submitted will only be used for data processing originating from this website. Court Orders Order To Revoke Bond-burg Occ Dwelling-battery-crim Misch-corruption By Threat Pending $0.00, Inmate Id: 236461 The Treasure Coast's largest full service accredited law enforcement agency; 700 dedicated professionals. Date of Birth: 09-09-1966 You may also use the FDLEs warrants search service, which covers the entire state of Florida instead of just St. Lucie County, at, or you can use the above search form to search through an online criminal records database instantly. Charge Description Status Bond Amount The gift packs for inmates in St. Lucie Countyrange in price from $10.49 for ten pre-stamped envelopes, 2 pens and a pad of writing paper, to $104.99 for a box of 85 snack and food items. Booking Date: 03-09-2016 St. Lucie. Jail booking photos are available from this website only for persons incarcerated at the time you query this website. With a few simple clicks, search the most recent bookings and their. Please further read this website's entire terms of use. There are a total of fourteen (14) pre-determined icaregift packs available to choose from. Follow these instructions to schedule and then visit an inmate using GTL. Charge Description Status Bond Amount You will be redirected to the destination page below in 5 seconds. - Inmate Tablet Rental St Lucie County Mugshots and Jail Recent Bookings Florida St Lucie County Jail Mugshots / St Lucie County Inmate Criminal Records. #Burglary Use patience and check them all. Here you can find the 48 hour release report. Secure digital messaging allows for a delay between . This movement can take a few days to several months to complete, so keep checking back to find out where the inmate was taken. Information found on this site must be used for lawfully acceptable purposes only. Information that can be found on this site is compiled from records that may be incomplete or have errors. NOTE: There may be a limit on how much product you can send your inmate in St. Lucie County at any one time. Visitation: Saturday & Sunday 5:00 PM 7:15 PM (Schedule Visitation) Public Order Crimes Criminal Attempt Solicit Conspire 2nd Deg Fel No Info $0.00 Follow these instructions on how toopen an account with GTL Connect Network (aka Viapath Technologies). Thank you for visiting Port St. Lucie. Hold/martin Co Pending $0.00, Inmate Id: 234926 Pablo Paniagua. Copyright 2023. For all information, tips and available items for shipping Commissary packages to an inmate in St. Lucie County Jail, as well as sending money to the inmate . When you call, give the staff member the name of who you are looking for and a birthdate or age if you have it. 2. To search for judicial records, get in touch with the Clerk of Courts at 772-462-6900. Learn more about how to get phone calls from an inmate in the St. Lucie County Jail, visit an inmate and find the inmate visitation schedules, send money to an inmate and get directions for purchasing commissary items,and learn more about how to mail an inmate in the St. Lucie County Jail, review the letter writing rules and regulations, and how to address your envelopes to them. Here are some of the latest arrest mugshots from ALL STATES As many as 13,861 were arrested during 2010, which was more than 12% lower than before. Last, select St. Lucie County Jail, and then theinmate you wish to communicate with. If you are still unable to find the inmate you are seeking, call the jail at 772-462-3450. #Transportation Violation Burgl Tools-possess With Intent To Use No Info $0.00 Booking Offenses Corrections Recent Bookings Recent Bookings The link below will provide the arrests in Martin County for the last 10 days. We are constantly updating our site with new counties, so check back often. If you want to deposit money using this company for your use or your inmate's account, there are four ways to do it: For all the information you need to know, including tips, guidelines and warnings about depositing money in a St. Lucie County Jailinmate's account for communication services, check out ourSend Moneypage. All money is receipted and deposited in an inmates individual account upon entry into the facility. Those wishing to visit an inmate at the St. Lucie County Jail will have to register online or through the Kiosk provided in the jail lobby. who died in henry danger in real life, methali za uvumilivu, ,