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*What did #ModiInUSA achieve in 2023?*

1) Guinness World Record Yoga Day.
2) Om and Namaste everywhere.
3) Elon Musk became a fan of Modi.
4) CEOs, Scientists and other dignitaries praised NaMo.
5) Bengaluru and Amdavad getting US Consulates.
6) Most H-1Bs can renew their visa within the US.
7) Micron Technology to invest in its first chip assembly factory in India.
8) Applied Materials setting a new semiconductor Engineering center in India.
9) Six Indo US WTO disputes terminated.
10) India joins the Minerals Security Partnership with a dozen countries.
11) India’s Vikram Solar to invest in Colorado in the US.
12) General Electric partnering with HAL for fighter jet engines for IAF. Maybe F414 engines too.
13) India buying 31 General Atomics drones.
14) India joins US led Artemis Accords space program.
15) India and US joining in advanced computing intiative.
[25/06, 5:15 pm] Ahmedsohail Siddiqui: https://youtu.be/ETqfJalrj_k
[25/06, 5:15 pm] Ahmedsohail Siddiqui: Orya Maqbool Jan identifies Hindu India’s sole exercise against Pakistan,Islam,Muslims.

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