Ulema e Soo – Rabey Nadvi Dead : Rich Mans Maulvi embedded with Hindutva state

(Social Media posts spread on his death making public opinion)

(Bismillahnews-13-04-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Rabey Nadvi Dead : Rich Mans Maulvi embedded with Hindutva state meets his end. A relative of Ali Miyan Nadvi who spread a Saudi Kingdoms version of Islam ruled by Kings not by Quran & Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) rulings, Where as Kingdom (Badshahat) is alien in true Islam. Nadva the Institution was solely founded & run by Kingdoms money supported by rich Muslim families of Lucknow & around the world on the Brahminical pattern where rich families make heavy donations & have special services by the clergy.

The pathetic thing about Nadva is that it is controlled & run by only family members of / Ali Miyan Nadvi like Darul uloom Deoband & JUIH are run & controlled only by Madani family. Both Nadva & Deoband serve the Hindutva state first run by Indian National Congress & now being run by BJP both the two sides of the same coin.

The demise of this old man should also be an opportunity for the introspection by those who think the services at Nadwa tul Ulema have done any good for the poor Muslims ? or in spreading the correct message of Quran & Prophet Mohammed PBUH among Muslims or simply served the autocratic needs of the rich & powerful Muslim families & kings of the Islamic world embedded with anti- Muslim government world over including India.

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