The Complete story on Imran Khan’s arrest / disqualification – OPERATION CIA IN PAKISTAN

The Complete story on Imran Khan’s arrest / disqualification – OPERATION CIA IN PAKISTAN

( 5th August 2023 – New Delhi- Sohail Siddiqui) Pakistan’s leading Journalist/ former Civil servant Orya Maqbool Jan in his YouTube Channel report has blamed US deep state controlling Pakistan behind the arrest & disqualification of Imran Khan the most popular leader ever in Pakistan. Here is his entire 15 minute video.

In anticipation/wake of his arrest Imran Khan issued a video statement on twitter terming his arrest as London plan.

Though people like myself who have been exchanging views on Unity of Afghan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh Muslims numbering almost 80 cr are certain that opposite this London Plan – their also is Allah’s Plan where things could spread among Muslims of 4 countries in support of Imran.

Former Soldier & Journalist Adil Raja prime backbone of campaign against Pakistani Army Chief Asim Munir & his team too has in a recorded programme shared his views post Khan’s arrest.Adil looks totally devastated but courageously holds on the ground. Here below is the entire twitter recording.

The confidence displayed by Imran Khan in the above message brings great relief to all of us in India.We understand the courage displayed by him in not leaving the country despite constant threat to his life is unique one in billions. He is destined for a bigger role in the sub- continent.The Army has put him in attac barrack as per our information people & his supporters will break the jail & rescue him any time.

Another great thing about Imran Khan is he speaks truth & straight so nothing malicious spread by his opponents against him sticks. 24 hrs back he issued a statement of J&K with clips of his past statements in favour of Kashmir.

His domestic opponents are puppets of Zionist forces in alliance with Modi govt.stooges like Asim Munir , Bajwa & Shareef, Zardari families.

The fear among the knowledgeable’s is that any mis-adventure on Imran Khan could bring huge reaction from the public as the present times are quite different from earlier times when US could easily get away with assassinations ?

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