Shame on this Saudi “Islamic Scholar” fraud of World Muslim League who folded his hands in Namaskar to a Mushrika … Boycott tomorrow the Juma Namaaz at Jama Masjid New Delhi behind him. Put up his effigies outside Masjids post Juma all over India & world giving all Muslims to Vent their anger at this self appointed spokesman on behalf of Indian Muslims.

By Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui

Tomorrow when the Israeli, Hunoodi, Saudi sponsored “Islamic Scholar” secretary general of World Muslim League an NGO is accorded space to read Juma Sermon & Lead Juma Salah at historic Jama Masjid Delhi on the dictates of Narendra Modi led RSS/BJP Anti-Muslim government , Delhi will witness the 4th onslaught on Jama Masjid Delhi since it’s founder Emperor Shahjahan founded it in 16th Century.

The first onslaught on it was post 1857 mutiny or the first war of Independence when the Crusader British ruling forces over took it & used it as a resting place for their Army Men & horses , closing it for Salah for almost 5 years from 1857 to 1862. This witnessed the worst massacre of Muslim Ulemas almost 58,000 in Delhi by British Crusaders as no tree was left to hang them in Delhi. Jama Masjid had become the refuge & epi-centre of the Hindu- Muslims Unity fighting against the East India Company for Independence of India.

The second onslaught on Jama Masjid Delhi came well it was closed for Salah in 1987 as a protest covering it with black cloth when countrywide anti-muslim riots had overtook entire India & the third time when the Zionist on slaught on it happened was during the Corona close down when it closed & no Salah took place at the mosque in 2020 for months.

In all the Onslaughts on Jama Masjid Delhi’s shut down Muslims of Delhi suffered heavily at the hands of the ruling governments to their lives & property. What is interesting is in every onslaught the custodian Bukhari Imam family appointed by Shahjahan always remained on the right side of the rulers & escaped any challenge to their wheeling dealings using the Jama Masjid as it’s private property. Subjugating Muslim interest to their private interests. Post BJP govt in 1996,98,99 Bukhari’s had already strengthened its Bala Saheb deoras link with RSS post 1977 Janata Party govt. & co-ordinated with RSS/BJP.

Post 2014 Modi rule this relationship became solid with Modi granting all special facilities to the Bukhari family in return to keeping silent to BJP agenda of religious Majoritism based Hindu Rashtra. They were paid very well for every foreign dignitary visiting the Masjid & the family sold exclusive coverage rights to national TV channels making quick buck.

After Swami Shraddhanand speech 1922 from the foot steps of Jama Masjid & Maulana Azad’s call from footsteps 1945 to Muslims not to leave for Pakistan, this allowing of Secretary general of World Muslim League an NGO based in Saudi Arabia who claims to be an “Islamic Scholar” is the third big attempt from Jama Masjid Delhi to be allowed to be used by Hindutva forces for faking fake message of Unity & Security of Muslims in India.

The character of Bukhari family at dispensation is before all but most shocking is the Munafiqat of the visiting Saudi “Islamic Scholar” who greeted the President of India yesterday in a meeting with folded hands the Brahmin way of Hindus saying Namaskar. Doing shirk & acknowledging it. The man put to shame not only 35cr.Indian Muslims but the entire 180 cr.Ummah whom he proudly represents. Had he been an Islamic Scholar he could never have done this shirk. Now he needs to re-affirm his Shahada then approach the mimbar of Jama Masjid Delhi to Lead the Juma Salah & then deliver the Juma Sermon.

The man admits & takes pride in his friendship with known Mushriqeens the Sadhguru & the SriSri’s . And wants 35cr Indian Muslims to embed Mushriqeens like him or else suffer daily lynchings . Can he enlighten his talk as he walks it to support it with Hadees & Qur’an .

It is my sincere call to put effigies of such culprits at the post Juma crowd so all passerby can give a little love on there face by their slippers. The Modi government & the Saudi Arab government agents must get the message Indian Muslims are not spineless like them.


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