RSS/BJP Govt. Using WML Secretary General Visit to Cover its Anti-Muslim agenda of UCC & Its Anti-Muslim policies

By Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui

It is an insult to World Muslim League Secretary General that he is being made to lick boots of Anti-Muslim Hindutva workers of RSS & BJP. Even the Shahi Imam of historic Jama Masjid Bukhari has joined RSS/BJP & is using Masjid to promote the Modi image in Arabs as if the policy of India govt.under Modi has changed. The place chosen for the welcome of the WML secretary General is ( IICC ) India Islamic Cultural Centre which in practice is Indian Israeli Cultural Centre have rising Sun as it’s logo & the president Siraj Qureshi from last 2 decades is the virtual owner who himself had meat export business running in bank loans in hundreds of crores helped by BJP in financial issues. Siraj has a Hindu wife besides paying interest to run his business with this he is running a haraam “Islamic Centre” making his main business as his meat business has closed. He is close to Modi & RSS.
This visit will weaken Muslims of India as WML secretary General will only strengthen to cover the Anti- Muslim policies & face of Hindutva in India.

The welcome WML Secretary General have been placed in BJP owned Urdu media only showing the intent to cheat Muslims & Why these were not placed in English/Hindi/ Regional media if his welcome was India’s welcome policy? The disrespect to Arabs is further evident with absence of Modi in any of the functions relegated to hindutva masters in garb of NSA who is the payment master of RSS/BJP Muslim workers hosting this visit.

Had the governments of both the Countries been sincere this welcome meet should have been held at Vigyan Bhavan not at IICC – the Qasai Khana the Adda of RSS/BJP minority morcha workers ever since it’s command has been snatched by Qureshi.

The Visit has been timed at a time when GOI is set to bring UCC to finish Islam/Quran/Shariat from our daily life … the visitor WML Secretary General must speak against this attempt or cancel his visit in protest.

Is it a co-incidence that this exercise is being done after US-India pact. The 35 cr. Indian Muslims & 25 cr.Pakistani brothers are being teased by Hindutva…where do Muslims look for support ? When WML is playing in the hands of Zionists ?


Anti – Muslim Modi / RSS TV News Channel in a report tell us the Hindutva + Arab + Israel game behind the Visit.

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