Rascals are suggesting “Dialogue with RSS” for their bread & butter – While Islamophobia is working with Impunity ?

Rascals are suggesting “Dialogue with RSS” for their bread & butter – While Islamophobia is working with Impunity ?

(Sohail Siddiqui) While Known Munafiqeens are busy again working for their bread & butter in the name of pet RSS agenda of “Hindu Muslim Amity” the RSS continues its political Islamophobia with Impunity as a result of no resistance from the Ummah of 35 cr Muslim Indian silently bartered by ” Maulanas, intellectuals , Organisations ” embedded with Anti- Muslim Islamophobes.

Another “Islamic” institution after Nadva tul Ulema the Jamiat Ulema i Hind & Darul Uloom Deoband’s owner Arshad Madni has reached Saifi to pay his condolences on the death of Akhilesh Yadav’s father Mulayam Singh Yadav a known Muslim agent of RSS who in last 3 decades misled Muslims to destroy Congress party vote bank & provide way to rise of BJP in UP & demolition of Babri & Muslims hold on state & National politics. Finally this Yadav family made one lakh plus crores illegally to put Muslim love to rest. The Madni family which is again as rich as Yadav family courtesy the Anti Muslim parties patronage they get for the services they render to keep Muslim Ummah under the fold of Mushriqeens, Kafirs in India. Madni’s & Yadav’s & Gandhi’s & Modi’s & Owaisi’s & “Intellectuals” all control the 35 cr.Muslim Indians keep them in turmoil of unemployment, poverty, insecurity , blaming all the ills on them to their lack of “education” & push them in fold of the those who can give them employment, security, prosperity & education i.e. after 100 years the RSS…? MashaAllah these Munafiqeens from Akhtarul Wasey to Siddiqui to Umair Koty Nadvi to brigade to Qasmi’s are spread over on pages of Urdu newspapers owned by RSS embedded corporates & paid editors.

The other Option before the Muslim Ummah in India in not to fall in the trap of these Anti – Muslim Islamophobe’s but to Unite themselves under the leadership of Quran & Sunnah with brothers & sisters fellow victims from Afghanistan, Pakistan,Bangladesh,India,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Burma to come out of the control of Munafqeen & the Mushriqeens & rather start controlling & challenging them.

I am shocked that unarmed 60,000 Talibaan’s could defeat the forces of 3 Super Powers & 37 developed Nations in Afghanistan … Why can’t the 35 cr Indian muslims along with leadership of Quran & Sunnah do this ? Why do they not realise the enemy & Munafiqeens are a very weak entity before our Deen & Unity amongst us … The Afghan model is before all … Alliance with Ummah & Hindi Muslims can do this.InshaAllah.

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