Rahul Gandhi Bharat Jodo turns out to be SEX yatra bey


(Sohail Siddiqui) Our exposure of how Brahminical parties coined by my friend late former Prime Minister of India V.P.Singh as two sides of the coin proved too much for vulgar products of www industry close to rulers of India since independence the Nehru-Gandhi clan. Deep down into WWW culture this political party had 3 prime minister's from Gandhi-Nehru family all deep down into treacherous lust for opposite sex. The political culture did not spare any Indian political party including RSS, BJP & Modi Shah duo. Murders eliminations use & throw of partners like condoms but was invented by Italian lady post the killing of her husband during an election campaign to Sriperumbudur candidate Jayanti Natrajan a weakness for ex-PM Rajiv same as today's Smriti Irani or Sonali Shah for Modi. Rajiv lost his life for his lust for Jayanti not for country. Sonia did not accompany her as she hated Jayanti aware of her relations with Rajiv. After Rajiv out of her way for full 4 months at 10 Janpath late Madhav Rao Scindia & Sonia were closet in her bedroom leaving RSS backed Narasimha Rao manipulate to capture PM's Chair destroy Congress while Sonia enjoyed her lust for Scindia unchecked. Once things became too hot & & Sonia had her kunts satisfied, Scindia's helecopter was blown as he became serious contender for PM's post endangering Gandhi legacy. Pilot followed the course , Eric Vadra, Michelle & Richard Vadra too died in mysterious accidents, enabling Sonia to rope in Robert Vadra son of her Italian friend Maureen for Priyanka Gandhi. Ahmad Patel, Ghulam Nabi Azad every dime dick & Harry with Muslim name in youth Congress now became victim of madams lust. Political culture in India remembers Naina Sahni,Sushil Sharma a close youth Congress worker of Rajiv Gandhi & famous tandoor case how the Brahminical powers are worst than animals at the top.
Yesterday after we @ bismillahnewschannel on youtube exposed how Congress & BJP are one in Muslim girls conversion to Hinduism & silent is Azharuddin & Rahul animals embedded to WWW their representative TEHSEEN POONAWALLE called me, maybe to control damage that this small channel has done by standing with the truth. Azharuddin a hardened criminal with dawood nexus & his cricket betting financial empire & now nexus with Indian National Congress being portrayed as a Muslim support to Rahul Gandhi is unacceptable. To control damage the WWW gang at TEHSEEN Vadra joint venture the emergence of paid actress to support Rahul has been caught naked.With the gang able to divert the Azhar dawood backed support to Rahul holding hand of the actress now his stay in Telangana has been extended for 3 weeks. Enough to charge Pappu & carry on with the show.
Nothing can stop these Rascals from using Muslim power by cheats like Azhar & Imran Pratapgarhi ; but the beagle has been sounded , Muslims remember every act of hate & animosity by Congress govt's & by Modi govt's.We are 100 crores in

India,Afghanistan,Pakistan,Bangladesh we are organised & have proven leadership in Quran & Sunnah , We go by Shariat & nothing, nothing brings Muslim Indian close to any party all cheating the constitution & the muslims. ( To be continued Part 2 ).

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