Qatar – Indian – Israeli military spying reveals bigger designs of invasion by India Israel in Makkah Madina ?

(Bismillahnews-03/05/23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) The timely catch by Qatari intelligence of 7 Rtd.Indian Navy spies working for Israeli military intelligence along with 70 other Indians in a company owned by an Omani in Qatar & subsequently the Indian government’s total silence over it on being caught & describing it as a work of Pakistani intelligence proves the total Israeli embedded foreign policy of Islamophobia under Modi government & its foreign minister S.Jai Shanker.

One of the most dangerous revelations ever by an Arab of the gulf alerting the Arabs of the impending danger of an Indian invasion and occupation of Arabia with religious claims.

The total silence of Israel has added more hues to Islamophobic India govt.working on Zionist agenda of attacking Makkah & Medina provoking Hindus in claiming Naoozubillah to be their places of worship.

The Modi govt.has since tried to give it a different twist by launching a defence for the Hindutva spies as Veterans as national heroes.,penalty%2C%20according%20to%20media%20reports.
#Qatar shuts down companv involved in submarine espionage. 75 Indian employees, mostly former navy Indian NAVY officials, have now been sacked and asked to go home
‘Dahra Global’ employed 8 ex Indian navy officials who were later arrested by Qatari gov’t on charges of doing espionage for ‘#israel’.

Arrested former Indian navy officials are now facing a potential death sentence for espionage.

Indian intelligence agencies have now claimed that intel input to Qatar by Pakistani agencies may have led to the arrest of ex NAVY officials.

Source: The Wire

#India #Ummah #Dawah #india #Sunnah #FreePalestine 🇵🇸 #Nakba #BDS #IsraeliTerrorism #IsraeliCrimes #EndisraeliApartheid #EndIsraeliImpunity

Any how the cat is out of the bag as in its first reaction on an American TV an Israeli Jew his cap can be seen of head openly declares how they plan to invade Mecca Medina & Muslim world. Another tweet of an Arab Doctor sharing the Indian Hindutva pledge of invading the two holiest shrines & sharing the military presence of Indians in Emirates pointing towards certain take over of UAE in 5 years.

These fears in the Arab world cannot be rejected because they are based on facts.Since our childhood in India from 50 plus years this has been openly the agenda of majority hindutva misguided elements. Now with a full-fledged Modi govt at their control RSS is implementing it National & global agenda with help of Zionists.

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