Portugese Personal Law of 1867 implemented in Goa till date by Crusaders to impose European Culture on subjects is the role model draft of UCC for rest of India in 2023 as Modi Govt.is totally subservient to Zionist corporates of US/ Israel – India is back in cages of Imperialism.

Portugese Personal Law of 1867 implemented in Goa till date by Crusaders to impose European Culture on subjects is the role model draft of UCC for rest of India in 2023 as Modi Govt.is totally subservient to Zionist Corporates of US/ Israel – India is back in cages of Imperialism. – Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui , Chief Editor, Journalist, Publisher & Activist, New Delhi.

Venkaiah Naidu post Vajpayee led Victory of NDA in 1999 at BJP party headquarters Ashok Road where he was the man incharge came to my office at Ashok Road on orders of PMO that I have been invited by Vajpayee Ji to attend a get-together of selected few who played an important role in the Victory. Polite & humble always in white dress Venkaiah said Siddiqui you have been invited by Vajpayee Ji to PM house for a get together before he takes his oath to the PM office.

I could sense the reward for my services has already been decided at the highest level & possibly an induction in the new cabinet as dear Naqvi & Shahnawaj grip has been broken by my innovation at bringing NDA under Vajpayee a convincing victory for the third time.

Anyhow K.R.Malkani had the information already & he had said Suhail you will go with me to the get together.

Ashok Tandon OSD to Vajpayee had in an early morning call had already informed me untill Venkaiah personally doesn’t come to invite you wait.

My purpose of this is to tell the readers that at the highest level of the party when BJP had taken the decision to drop Article 370, UCC & Ram Mandir in the manifesto led by Vajpayee it was pleased with my singular work despite physical attempts with in the party office to stop me from doing it but for Vajpayee’s & KR Malkani’s strong conviction & support on the new road for the party to embrace inclusiveness they challenged all & put entire BJP head office at Ashok road under SPG made it sure they inaugurated a special office for me to work for the party in 1999 lok sabha elections.

I did not attend the get together at Vajpayee residence despite repeated reminders from KR Malkani. May be I was uncomfortable after the entire attack was on me from within the party, apart from Congress calling people in BJP warning about me & Muslim touts plus the RSS whose Tarun Vijay repeatedly on phones tried to intimidate me to toe RSS line on Muslims during the elections. As I had direct access to Malkani & Sudarshan his tactics didn’t work but I was uncomfortable at the threats with in party office to me by senior party leaders like both the Sinha’s (office incharges) & Jana Krishnamurthy & JP Mathur at my independence. Simply because I did not seek any thing from the party why must I compromise my independence. Primarily the fear of loosing my Independence & Independence of my community restricted me from attending & taking new responsibilities as reward under Vajpayee team. With support from my friend V.P.Singh former PM & Arun Jaitley & Pramod Mahajan always encouraged the clear line I pushed for Vajpayee Ji which made him easily acceptable for NDA allies like Mamata, Chandra Babu Naidu,even Orissa CM visited party office on day of Eid & Kushabhau bhau Thackeray then president BJP in his room introduced me to him saying see we have such Muslims in the party & shared the Eid sweets which was from my home. Actually Kushabhau had telephoned me at my house wishing me & my family Eid Mubarak. I thought appropriate to bring Eid sweet vermilion for all at the office.

The candid addmission by Senior BJP leader Venkaiah Naidu former VP of India that the govt.wants the Portugese personal law all over India is hilarious as Modi PM had other day said one family cannot have two laws but here the entire country is to get foreign law of crusaders aimed to finish Islamic shariat the Quranic laws in civil matters.

Modi is no match before Venkaiah Naidu but destiny he has always worked hard for decades & Modi has manipulated Saam,Daam,Dund & Bhed to have his way & greed fulfilled.

Above I have reproducing the screen shots of the entire Naidu article. This is for the section of Muslims toeing the line we do not know what the UCC draft is ? A line pushed by chanakya’ s of hindutva like Kapil Sibbal & copied by paid Muslim organisations & individuals on social media saying UCC is not a Muslim problem & hence why should Muslims be active in its opposition.This is the same narrative that Rascals gave before SC verdict on Babri Masjid that we will accept SC verdict….etc…robbing the 35cr Muslims of their right to demonstrate in a democracy the same is being done on UCC.

The Muslim paid organisations are courting political parties to save their personal laws…when 3/4th majority in both houses spells clear verdict none but only BJP & allies with get UCC cleared from the parliament. Only mass peaceful democratic agitation by Muslims the only effected party which has a shariat others don’t is at stake & only by will of democracy & power of 35 cr Muslims on the road “Do or Die – to Save Shariat ” could we save it not pandering to political parties with personal begging bowls cheating the Muslims & Shariat. InshaAllah a detailed course will be worked out to save shariat in our civil lives peacefully.






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