Pakistan+Afghanistan+35cr Indian Muslims +16cr Bangladeshi Muslims are inching towards Muslim Unity

Pakistan+Afghanistan+35cr Indian Muslims +16cr Bangladeshi Muslims are inching towards Muslim Unity

(Sohail Siddiqui) The cat is out of the bag, we at have been predicting this scenario from a long time post illegal removal of Imran Khan from the post of PM & replacing him with puppets of CIA / Israel / India as next rulers of Pakistan. The imported govt. of Shahbaz Shareef installed by Zionist conspirators led by Hindutva sunk India backed by USA,Europe & Israel was primarily aimed to kill victory of Talibans influence on 100 cr strong Muslims of sub-continent who are feared by Zionist led alliance in the Asia as prophecies credible prove.

Now the murderous attempt to stop the marching unity of sub-continents 100 cr Muslims against Islamophobia backed foreign agents in power in Pakistan backed by NATO led by India,USA,Europe, Israel,Australia & Japan against Pakistan-China geo-strategic alliance against fascist exploiters of the world.

Iran-Saudi war ?

After pushing Pakistan in choas by targetting Imran Khan the Zionist forces have declared in their next planned move to push Iran-Saudi war to punish Iran leading to its total destruction before SA is destroyed…to weaken Muslim unity.

The opportunist alliance by Russia against Pakistan again proves all are one against Muslims & this 3rd world war being pushed is an open Israeli agenda against Islam & Muslims only. It is here that Imran Khan & his life is important to 100 cr Muslims of the sub-continent as he has the rightful potential to lead Muslim forces against the crusaders (after Saddam Hussein & Ghaddafi ) ,Zionists embedded in NATO & Hindutva brigades against Islam & Muslims.

The beagle has been sounded Afghanistan,Pakistan,Indian & Bangladeshi Muslims,stand like a rock against Hindutva & Zionist forces working against Chinese influence & alliance with the Muslims of the sub-continent against imperialist US & its allies.

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