Owaisi brothers had threatened Dr.Mazharuddin Khan over 100cr Property dispute with his wife.

Owaisi brothers had threatened Dr.Mazharuddin Ali Khan over 100cr Property dispute with his wife.

(Sohail Siddiqui 01-03-23 New Delhi) The Suicide by Asaduddin Owaisi’s daughters father in law by his licensed revolver at his home between 8am & 10am morning has been an open & shut case. The tweets by many prominent personalities to Hyderabad police regarding this abetted suicide at the instance of most corrupt & murderous brothers in the history of Hyderabad. Dr.Mazharuddin Ali Khan & Zaheer Ali Khan editor Daily Siasat are adopted sons of Abid Ali Khan respected doyen of Urdu Journalism.

After marriage of Asad’s daughter in 2020 where Owaisi family served the guests with over 100 dishes & decoration of flowers alone imported from Holland costing 14 crores, they spend around 250cr on the wedding.

After marriage the daughter reported father Owaisi of father in law having issues with his wife over a property valued at 100 cr. The Owasi brothers took side against Dr.Mazharuddin Ali Khan & threatened him of dire consequences.The age old political enmity between AIMIM & Urdu Daily Siasat forced Owaisi brothers to side against SIASAT family member Dr.Mazharuddin Khan.

Almost 48 hrs have passed neither of Owaisi brothers have taken to Twitter to even condole the unfortunate step taken by Dr.Mazharuddin.

It is interesting to note both sides have maintained silence may be Owaisi brothers are too strong to face any investigation or resistance by helpless victim who had no option but to kill himself.

But every crime leaves it’s evidence so a very sharp Amjedullah Khan of MBT fired a tweet to police department how was licensed revolver not in police custody when MLC elections are on in Telangana ?.

Akbar Owaisi was first to reach Appolo hospital at 2pm , why did it take 4 hrs to shif victim to hospital though plenty of them are at a stone throw distance from Banjara Hills ?

It is a matter of record that Musalman Asad Owaisi having pleaded before a friend for not exposing his Nexus with BJP/Amit Shah as he was being blackmailed to work for BJP as objectionable Videos of one of his daughter would be made public & he will have to commit Suicide.

Owaisi’s you yell, you cry, you fake but Poetic Justice has left you tearless. Your Lynching is awaited.Related: george beldam jr, how to change keybinds in funky friday, who sings magic carpet ride in goodyear commercial, how many armored trucks get robbed a year, boston university computer science undergraduate acceptance rate, o’neill hayes funeral home obituaries, tony rotundo st louis, triple f collection net worth, entry level workday consultant salary, phillip fulmer house address, td bank account opened in my name, chris elliott not in schitt’s creek documentary, maine coon cat rescue syracuse, ny, homer bailey wife, houses for rent in jackson, ms under $700,Related: richard intervention canada update, fire and ice by robert frost analysis, importance of information technology in entertainment and arts, baxter fluid warming guidelines, elliott galland obituary, patrick star text to speech, smartest world leaders, que significa encontrarse una mariquita amarilla, mastercraft x14 for sale, zane rewards | fortnite accounts, aj aircraft tuning guide pdf, nicole boivin height, how old was mitchel musso in pair of kings, nombre de los 4 generales de alejandro magno, 1 police plaza working hours,Related: city of miami building department, william kaiser obituary, all you can eat sushi bay area, dermatologist that accept medicare and medicaid near me, when is the denver mayoral election, john heilemann illness, thomas carballo mojo net worth, corey gamble parents nancy rogers, phoebe judge sister, ivan milat karen duck, modern architectural sculpture, new york state law emotional support animal, priority housing waiting list qld, what animal represents honesty, sugarloaf craft festival 2022,Related: eric cantona house boothstown, eastenders dana actress, google fiber account payment, jennifer jones and brent laing wedding pictures, how to change vehicle color on registration texas, bruce harwood judge, powershell microsoft edge automation, who wrote golden brown dave brubeck, mcguire and davies obituaries, chama, nm weather averages, lalee wallace obituary, abigail johnson nantucket home, wisconsin fed med card expired, fruit pizza with cool whip no cream cheese, does accenture send rejection email,Related: ouiser boudreaux character analysis, gaston memorial hospital cafeteria menu, richard roxburgh accident, marriott marquis houston room service menu, mf sushi dress code, helen of troy company locations, fastest speeding ticket in wisconsin, stonemill himalayan salt chilli and garlic spice grinder, my five wives paulie miserable, homemade belly cast with newspaper, has brian blosil remarried, minimum epc rating scotland commercial property, alan james blethyn, brightline corporate office address, waterfront homes for sale on toledo bend lake texas,Related: administrative assistant conferences 2022 texas, is the complementary medical association recognised in usa, town of cheektowaga building department, forney city council agenda, pacific high school football coach, how old was otis lamont williams when he died, hawaii housing market forecast 2022, avondale news shooting, jeopardy records wiki, jenison public schools calendar, manhattan, mt obituaries, john deere tca25015 battery replacement, clothing aesthetic quiz 2021, percy gets spanked by poseidon fanfiction, catcher in the rye quotes about growing up,Related: disney buys land in jarrell tx, 712 davis drive newmarket suite 106, abandoned churches for sale in california, brazil, civil registration records, willie mccovey daughter, what advice does polonius give laertes, wellington management internship, john ducey wife, ronald desantis father, best tulane quarterbacks, goffstown, nh property tax records, montgomery high school ca, verily life sciences software engineer interview, hip scour test physiopedia, difference between amended and supplemental pleadings,

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