Orya Maqbool Jan Interview of Ex-PM Imran Khan

(Bismillahnews-03-05-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) I am disappointed by the candid interview of Ex-PM Imran Khan by Orya Maqbool Jan. My Journalism has lit many lights in the subcontinent for establishing a just alliance of Muslims spread in Afghanistan,Pakistan,India & Bangladesh re-Unification to stop the Fascist Hindutva March backed by Zionists a common enemy to all in these 4 countries.

Why was Orya sb silent on the issue by not even posing a question for Imran Khan’s views rather simply saying that India is ideological enemy on Kashmir issue simply exposes the Pakistani escapism in addressing to larger questions of Ummah of the sub-continent, only strengthening divide & rule policy of the Zionists for which Pakistan was created ? Can the Zionists be alone defeated by Pakistan by dis-associating itself from 45 crore Muslims of India & Bangladesh ?.

Orya Maqbool Jan interviews Imran khan

If Imran Khan & Orya Maqbool Jan cannot read what’s in store for 80 crore Muslims of the sub-continent at the hands of Islamophobes then they expose themselves of playing to the Hondutva-Zionist strategy here to divide Muslims against them in name of nationality.

Why restoration of democracy in Pakistan or immediate elections will serve no purpose as even if Khan gets success in both and returns back as PM of Pakistan, will that remove Islamophobia against 80 cr Muslims of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh ? On the other hand if now Imran Khan moves ahead by taking along 80 crore Muslims of these 4 countries he will get success in uniting us all & in one stroke spelling death for Zionist backed Hindutva & Islamophobia common sore for 80 cr Muslims of the sub-continent.

In the days ahead why Imran Khan & Orya Maqbool Jan should not make an ammend to this blunder & enlarge the canvass of fight against Zionist for rule of Law of the Almighty ASWT. Ameen.InshaAllah.

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