Non BJP governments on target of fascist Hindutva forces led by RSS

Non BJP governments on target of fascist Hindutva forces led by RSS

(Bismillahnews-11/04/23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) The open declaration of War on Muslim places of worship in the month of Ramadan in India using the pretext of religious processions of majority community (Ram Naumi) all over India has been reported one-sided by hindutva controlled News channels blaming the attacks on Muslim places of worship & worshipers on Muslims, the police arresting Muslims for this.While the administration is used by communal forces to stop performing Taraveeh prayers in Ramadan even at private property.

After Bihar & West Bengal the Dangga party has targeted Jharkhand where last month shivratri process had already sowed communal hate. Jamshedpur has seen state sponsored attack on peaceful namazi’s at a masjid by policemen playing the hindutva goon breaking Muslim places of worship.

Jamshedpur event by RSS is no less an event that of Bihar & Bengal burning of Masjids & Muslim madrasas having a library destroyed by fire.

Will the rule of law awake & get the police officers responsible for this one sided communal story be arrested & the state government Bengal, Bihar & Jharkhand immediately announce compensation for loss of life & property destroyed by rioters.

While Jamiat Ulloo e Hind President Mehmood Madani & AIMPLB are sitting in laps of fascist Home Minister Amit Shah, hindutva goons have been let loose to totally destroy the last forts run on Muslim votes in secular democratic India.

Will the real terrorists of India children of Nathu Ram Godse be booked under terror laws by governments of West-Bengal,Bihar & Jharkhand the last forts of Secular Democracy in India.

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