Nadwa rector deviating from Islam for material fears

Question : Is it the proper for “Maulanas” to mourn a mushriq on his death pyre…when the dead is to be put to fire… Have they not joined shirk & kufr … ?

It is a known fact that had these proprietors of Islamic corporates in India have never risen above their selfish interest otherwise Islam would have engulfed all the mushriqeens & kufr would have been dead long a ago.

When the death of Mulayam Singh should have been mourned by the “Maulana” for not been able to save from the Pyre fire & permanent fire in hell, he mourns only to mislead all, as acceptance of the lighting the dead to fire after death, this is not LAKUM DI NAKUM WALIYADEEN but he is accepting Shirk & Kufr, which he could have easily avoided by saying it painful that Mulayam Singh Yadav died with out reading Kalima & more painful that he will be burnt here & hereafter forever. The Maulana would have stuck to his Deen & let the other person have his Deen.
Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui, Chief Editor,Journalist, Publisher, Editor & Activist .

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