Mossad controlling Modi.govt’s Agenda of action & propaganda techniques to Subjugate 30 cr Muslims of India

Mossad controlling Modi.govt’s Agenda of action & propaganda techniques to Subjugate 30 cr Muslims of India – Atiq, Ashraf & Asad’s killings work of Mossad trained killers with Mossad supplied weapons & Mossad chosen target.

(Bismillahnews-18-04-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) The planning has been the hall mark of Whatever, Wherever, the name of Mossad crops up. Decades back they attacked Khaled Mishal with poison gun on the roads of Amman in Jordan.Had it not been Queen Raina &King Hussein threatening to break all ties with Israel if anti-dode of the poison shot was not sent by Israel Mishal would have died.The Mossad complied & Palestinian Hamas leader survived thanks to the Jordanian King & the queen that Israeli mossad got the message.

In India mossad has been operating since 1971 when they helped create Bangladesh dividing Pakistan. An Indian Jew General by the name of JFR Jacob under Manekshaw over ruled him & entered Dacca forced surrender the Niazi army to the satisfaction of his anti- Islamic sentiments.

In Atiq Ahmed’s case the home-ministry is directly working under an Israeli team located at new Delhi PM race course area which was constructed on Dargah land clearing the forest by Manmohan Singh Govt. (Retired IAS,IPS,IFS officers Club) .

Everything is controlled from here.They spread through media one after another constant lies to coverup their agenda. First they said the killers got together to do this for personal ambitions to become as popular Don like Bishnoi.Then All of them were suddenly provided high security & finally a letter has been created allegedly written by Atiq revealing the truth.

Meanwhile the media also claimed one of the killer Rohit came close to Sunder Bhati gang in prison & it was bhati who presented him the automatic gun. Sunder bhati was visited by Akhilesh Yadav on 24th March 2023 at Greater Noida residence to pay his respects on the death of Bhati’s mother. Sunder Bhati has been appointed as SP’s district president.

The perfect impunity with which the killer was firing from the pistol shows he is not a novice but trained to perfection with his to & fro steps forward & backward while aiming at the target. The bigger footprint of Mossad arms from Muslim country Turkey, stolen motorcycle used registered in the name of Muslim.

Now finally to cover the question that how such sophisticated arms reached the killers Times of India has floated the theory of these status arms have been illegally bought by gangs from Pakistan.
Since Adani owns airports & ports multiple illegal trade is being done here from drugs to arms.

The Mossad officers are controlling ports & airports.Muslim passengers face harrasment on airports when they are separately checked in a room as if they are criminals.This again is Mossad way of doing things. Below is a TV report by Zionist embedded news organisation India Today in media since 1975.

@PoojaShali By your argument why is Indian media & @BJP4India portraying the mossad trained shooters as Heroes ? Why is a pogromist responsible for over 2000 M killings including a Muslim lawmaker called @narendramodi our prime minister? Pathetic @Polytikles @BBCWorld @guardian – Sohail Siddiqui

JFR Jacob post retirement joined BJP intellectual cell in 1996 & he was a regular there on important issues known as Jack the ripper, KR Malkani introduced me to him, he & his men were Modi’s Guru on Anti- Muslim Nationalism.


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