Modi Bhakt reporter in Israel Blames Israel for grooming Hamas : Orthodox Jews oppose Zionists – By Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui , Chief Editor Bismillahnews

Modi Bhakt reporter in Israel Blames Israel for grooming Hamas : Orthodox Jews oppose Zionists – By Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui , Chief Editor Bismillahnews

Modi Supporter in Israel Accuses Israel of Grooming Hamas: Orthodox Jews Express Dissent

In a surprising turn of events, a self-proclaimed Modi supporter Palki Sharma , who in a report from Israel, has raised eyebrows by making controversial claims that Israel is grooming the Palestinian organization Hamas. This unexpected accusation has not only sparked a debate on Israeli politics but also highlighted the complex nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Moreover, the involvement of Orthodox Jews, who oppose Zionism for religious reasons, adds another layer of intrigue to the story.

The Accusation:

The reporter, who has gained some notoriety as a vocal supporter of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleged that Israel has been indirectly aiding the growth and sustenance of Hamas, a militant Palestinian group. She claimed that certain actions by Israel were indirectly contributing to the empowerment of Hamas, thereby fueling the ongoing conflict.

It is essential to note that such an accusation is highly controversial and not backed by concrete evidence. The Israeli government has categorically denied any such involvement and has labeled the reporter’s claims as baseless.

Modi’s Supporters in Israel:

The presence of Modi supporters in Israel is not uncommon. The Indian Prime Minister enjoys popularity among a section of the Indian diaspora, including many Indian Jews. Israel and India share diplomatic relations, which have strengthened in recent years, with both nations cooperating on various fronts.

However, this incident underscores the diversity of political views within any group. It is crucial to remember that supporting a political leader from one’s home country does not necessarily translate to uniformity in other beliefs or stances.

Orthodox Jews and Zionism:

Another intriguing aspect of this story is the involvement of Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism. Zionism, in general, refers to the belief in the establishment and maintenance of a Jewish homeland in Israel. However, not all Jews support this idea, and there are Jewish groups, especially among the Orthodox, who oppose the concept for religious reasons.

These Orthodox Jews often believe that the establishment of Israel should be a divine act and that the modern state of Israel does not align with their religious principles. They argue that only the coming of the Messiah should lead to the establishment of a Jewish homeland.

The involvement of Orthodox Jews in this controversy highlights the deep-seated divisions that exist within Israel itself regarding the nature and legitimacy of the state.

In Conclusion:

The Modi supporter’s accusation against Israel, accusing it of grooming Hamas, is a complex and divisive issue. It is vital to emphasize that such claims should be based on concrete evidence and thoroughly investigated. The involvement of diverse groups within Israel, including Orthodox Jews who oppose Zionism, adds an interesting dimension to the situation. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains a highly sensitive and contentious issue, and the recent controversy only underscores the challenges of finding a peaceful resolution to this long-standing conflict.


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