Millat Times or Zillat Times ?

Millat Times ya Zillat Times ?

Why is Shams Tabrez Qasmi propriter of Millat Times a Deoband product & a paid organ of AIMIM questioning The Hindu story on Jamiat Ulema e Hind ? Jamiat is embedded with GOI anti – Muslim agenda since independence with all governments it’s a tool to fool Muslims & it has effectively worked for Indian government’s Hindutva agenda to degrade quality of education at Darul uloom Deoband & affiliated Madari’s teaching wrong Islam & producing incompetent graduates, Imams, Muftis,who remain under the control of Madani family Institutions. Hazrat Maulana Abdul Waheed Siddiqui (rh) one of the tallest Akabir among our akabireens had as early as 1950 disassociated himself from Jamiat ulema e Hind precisely for this very reason then as Jamiat had abandoned the Muslim cause & had embedded GOI anti-Muslim anti-Islam agenda. He started his own daily Urdu News paper NAI DUNYA with his eldest son Ahmad Mustafa Siddiqui ‘Rahi’ as it’s Printer,Publisher & Editor from Delhi to fight the GOI policy of denying Muslims their space in Independent India as practicing Muslims.

Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui , Chief Editor, Journalist, Publisher & Activist , New Delhi.

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