Mehmood Pracha Advocate’s timely Resistance at Bengali Market New Delhi- Masjid Saved but Madarsa Demolished

Mehmood Pracha Advocate’s timely Resistance at Bengali Market New Delhi-Masjid Saved but Madarsa Demolished

(Bismillahnews-12/04/23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Alhamdulillah timely intervention by Advocate Mehmood Pracha at the site of illegal Demolition by NDMC with the protection of Delhi police & CRPF has stopped them half way in the dirty agenda of few Hindutva terrorists using the government machinary at their disposal. Mr.Mehmood Pracha had been detained by police SHO present at the spot for creating obstructions in the govt work. Later on as per the reports he was let off.

The whole day since yesterday “National media” kept up the false propaganda on their screens that an illegal construction of boundry has been demolished by NDMC. When the facts were contrary that the bulldozers of NDMC with out notification & orders demolished the entire entrance & the madrasa & were about to demolish the 250 years old masjid too, had Advocate Mehmood Pracha not reached the spot at 11am to ask the police to show legal authority which empowers them to demolish a perfectly legal place.

The fact is it is not the masjid or madrasa which are illegal but the entire vast area of Muslim Wakf land has been encroached by Railways & NDMC. It is shocking that despite this property being one in 123 Delhi Wakf properties taken over illegally by Union govt.which only day before yesterday assured the court that it will not do any demolition, did actually the reverse. The coverage by Nadeem Ashraf of PalPal News also played an important part in exposing the dirty agenda of Islamophobes. Nadeem was repeatedly threatened by the police & he fearlessly carried on his duty for Ummah.Muslim Social media deserves kudos for their contribution as the word spread others too chipped in. Better co-ordination is desirable among them.

The recent meeting of agents of kufr has ensured two licences renewed to Jamiat Ulema e Hind the Madani family business run from Darul uloom Deoband , one they are the only one whose Halal & Haram certificate would be acceptable as Modi Prime Minister has said and assured Arab countries that only halal certified meat will be exported.The Arab world had made a complaint & threatens to stop importing meat from India as Dead haram animals are being exported to them by halal certificates from JUIH. The second license which GOI has given to them is to collect donations from abroad in return from supporting govt.actions against madrasas teaching islamic syllabus instead of schools. The Saudi brand of Islam demolishes every thing and Deoband fatwa supports GOI & keeps mum at such illegal demolitions of Muslim places of Worship (Babri Masjid & Madrasa education). Where are the Champions of Islamic thekeydari the Firangi Mahli’s, Bukhari’s, Owaisi’s tribe & AIMPLB ? All hiding under the constitution of the Kufr.

The Naina Sahni brutal murder witness Hafiz Matloob Kareem is the General Secretary of the place.

After 5pm another Muslim activist Amanatullah Khan Chairman Delhi Wakf Board reached the spot only to oversee everything by the fascist rulers has been accomplished & his photo opportunity also is accomplished. The L&DO & NDMC are under the direct control of BJP/RSS. The reporting by National media also reflects the bias against Muslims. The timing of Ramadan for such an action multiplies the Muslim pain & reflects the evilness of the state.Related: athena royale script pastebin, teleological ethics strengths and weaknesses, 19th century spanish names, what do you mix disaronno velvet with, donnie wahlberg daughter, the rabbit by edna st vincent millay, delaware valley university football 2022 schedule, deferred adjudication terminated unsatisfactory texas, galen druke biography, leo man sagittarius woman experience, burnt toast restaurant nutrition information, ear tubes in adults pros and cons, st thomas basketball coach, carrollton regional medical center medical records, did james jones marry summer,

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