Manipur – Butchering of Christians & their Churches by Brahmin Hindus – Will Modi Go ?

(Bismillahnews-04-05-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Is the game over for Modi ? So many things have happened simultaneously that I can clearly see a push behind these events to replace Modi India. First time ever in India a full-fledged Civil War between Christians & Hindus is on in Manipur. During Independence the Christians were in power & Hindus fought Muslims siding with Christian rulers. The Hindus never fought the Christian rulers rather always provoked & used emotional Muslims to fight against invaders, Occupiers as they were told it was their religious duty.

Christian rulers left happily from India revenging Muslims by pitting them permanently against the new rulers of India the Brahmin Hindus who was more Anti-Muslim than the Christian British rulers.

Now exactly after 75 years of mis-rule by Brahmins over divided India they are at cross road how to fight the Christian American Corporates capture of Indian markets without offending Christian minorities sentiments in Modi’s NEW India where the majority community has turned totally intolerant to all non- Hindus living on Indian soil as citizens of India. It is this intolerance that the state sponsored Genocide is on in Manipur against the Christian community & their places of worship the Churches. The Hindutva terrorist are using state cannon to blow off ancient Churches the unofficial account gives a figure of 2000 plus lives & as many houses, businesses,schools & churches have been wiped off in last 24 hrs under the watchful eyes of the state BJP govt. Even Christian Marry Kom the Boxing Gold medal winner at Olympics had to tweet to PM, HM, CM asking them to control the situation in Manipur. But like Ehsan Jafri’s call went unheard from Modi on the other side hurling abuses at the Late Congress M.P., Marry Koms too was a disappoint at this shocking behaviour of the state the language of her tweet to federal govt.suggests.

The message has spread globally as the tweets below suggest & the reaction of the Christian World should have been like against Saddam Hussein govt.carpet bombing Bagdad to dust. But Muslims are made examples easily by the Christian World, it remains to be seen will the same Christian super powers backing Modi policies from 2014 revenge the spell of Christian blood in Manipur ?. By every means Congress Party is controlled by a Christian family & is directly trusted by Biden & Putin both Christians.

Will the Hindu Brahmin again invite Invaders to rule like Taimur,Ghazni & Ghori were & later on Mughals were offered daughters to permanently occupy Indian Sultane.

In all likely hood the Brahmin treachery in last 75 years is forcing the Christian rulers of the world to reset their equations. The Brahmins are left with only Jews who too are experiencing hard time against Muslims. A new block is emerging in the continent which will control with impunity.The 80 crore of Muslims of Afghanistan,Pakistan,India & Bangladesh jointly could take over this space to lead.

Modi has opened his channel with Taliban & with Pakistan too he could be fixing his policies with Imran Khan & in India his management of Owaisi, Madni’s & Muslim leaders gives him lever to do things in India as he wants.

Salaam Ya Mehdi (AS) Come Soon the atrocities on Muslim Ummah are Unbearable now – A Dua

Will Christian rulers bid to topple Modi govt. be backed up by Muslims of India & Pakistan.Probably NO but if joint Muslim power of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh take over India by support from Christian rulers YES Muslims of India will support removal of a Zionist supported ruler Modi. InshaAllah

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