Mainstream Indian Media TV, Print & Electronic – Embedded with State Killings of Christians in Manipur

(Bismillahnews-07-05-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Shoot at sight orders, addition Para-Military columns land in Imphal, raids on attackers 80 weapons seized, 54 official figure … No no 30 died report by Times of India. Such is the cacophony of headlines in the media the mainstream in control of Hindutva in today’s New Delhi editions of mainstream “Newspapers”. The purpose by Modi embedded editors is to normalise the planned Indian state killing of Christian, destroying their places of Worship, businesses, houses, Schools, Cars etc.Souces put those killed are around 2000 & they were targets, well off Christians.

One mainstream English Newspapers The Times of India puts the figure at 30 died in violence adding 84 arms siezed from the “attackers” & reporting peace appeal by Christian Churches, Prominent organisations. This is the exact pattern of RSS to sub-due / tell minorities you are in Hindu lands.

The enabler Rijju the federal minister spokesman of fascists legal defence too jumps in to create more fear among minorities instead of demanding action against the BJP party members/ perpetrators & govt.officials.

We Muslims in India have gone immune to such tactics of Hindutva state from last 75 years against us post creation of Pakistan in facing 75,000 small & big anti- Muslim killings.

But in post 2014 the media, Judiciary , police, the public all have been let loose on Muslims by Modi govt.activly supported by other Brahmin mainstream political parties keeping mum on the Anti-Muslim Hindutva politics rather openly adopting the fascist Similes & feel shy to stand against the symbols of fascism The demolition of Babri Masjid, Abrogation of Art.370 & suspension of Quranic Sharia guaranteed in the constitution.( i.e. freedom to dress, eat halal food of choice , set religious madrasas & educational institution to protect culture & language while taking mainstream education, right to practice personal laws )

The National media is celebrating its states success in belling the Sikh & Christian cat in the hindutva RSS acts of Violence to subjugate them & show the strength of Hindutva to the Sikh & Christian minorities teasing them.

Muslims in India are primarily let down by their leadership both religious & political as they are propped by Hindutva state. But the rapid changes globally post Taliban’s success in Afghanistan has effected all Muslims globally in a positive way to unite first & stand against the oppressors.

The Indian Muslims too InshaAllah will move towards this trend in forming more positive bonds against the Islamophobes, Hindutva sponsored Muslim leadership & form alliance with Muslims brothers of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh. These 80 crore Muslims will stand for other minorities & downtrodden classes subjected to inhuman atrocities from ages.

The World must take note of the Modi govt.& it’s fascist agenda implemented by RSS & its arms. Muslims globally must stand for their Christian brothers in India. Its now or never the snakes have to crushed for safer world. The time has come. InshaAllah.

(The writer can be contacted in India on WhatsApp 9811619669 & 8527022786 : Email : )Related: adam handling parents, plus size nursing nightgown and robe set for hospital, kei d28k 4w, azlo bank phone number, football physiotherapist salary, sara cox rugby referee partner, mental health skill building progress notes examples, jackman maine webcam, 10 day marine forecast west palm beach, who is gina from luxe listings sydney, difference between internal and external expansion, sf chronicle print subscription, nwea scores by grade level 2021 math, will madden 23 be cross platform, port st lucie police accident report,

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