Jamiat Ulema e Hind is converting 5000 Hafiz e Quran to School Products against the teachings of Quran

Jamiat Ulema e Hind is converting 5000 Hafiz e Quran to School Products against the teachings of Quran

Eminent Arabic English Urdu Quranic Scholar Dr.Arshad Mohsin has exposed these fake Ulemas by quoting Surah Al Fatha Ayat 29 in a response to Bismillahnews

(Bismillahnews-New Delhi-01-04-23-Sohail Siddiqui) It is astonishing how with impunity & no fear of Allah these sole contractors of Islam in India – The Jamiat Ulema e Hind are following the route of total eradication of Quran from India thus digging grave of Islam here to welcome the Hindutva masters of these Ulemas who openly have put their heads on the feet of MANU.

Already the Deobandi products halfbaked as Hafiz’s are running a much on the Muslims all over India by faking the Quran at the taraveeh prayers … recently a respectable Imam Hafiz of a Mumbai mosque has exposed this Scam in many Mumbai mosques claiming 90%of mosques in India could be have fake Haffaaz.

One fails to understand first the Darul uloom Deoband prepares such Hafiz e Quran with out teaching them Arabic then such products openly are humiliated by them in newspaper advertisement that they are useless (Astagfirullah) untill they procure 10+2 Open School degree of Government of India run by Jamiat Open School a govt sponsored name launched by Mehmood Madni President JUIH.

Had Darul-uloom Deoband persued the correct course to also teach Quranic Arabic alongwith, What is the use of preparing Hafiz’s with out understanding Quran & saving it by heart. Anyhow if they wanted to correct this fault they could have taught Quranic Arabic first to these Huffaaz making them regain there status & opening multiple platforms for them nationally & globally available to such Hafiz’s but more importantly attaining Allah’s blessing for themselves & their families.

Now Mehmood Madni is using these Hafizs even if they are half baked Huffaaz to make them life long bonded labourers of Madni family branded Islam by incorporating them with the Hindutva agenda launched by Modi BJP governments to kill Madrasa education system which is for only teaching Islam not sending the students to western education oriented Schools education now being forced upon Hafiz’s.Madni’s should have first corrected the wrong by giving free Arabic education to these 5 thousand Huffaaz, which would have given the community & country 5000 completely educated Hafiz’s. Since the purpose of govt.& Madani’s is to kill Islam & Qurans propagation they will convert Huffaaz into their bonded labourers not the bonded labourers of ASWT & his prophet Mohammad (PBUH SAW) on whom Quran was revealed in this holy month.Look at the enmity in them for Quran that they have the audacity to announce this publically with their flag in Newspapers in the month of Ramadan.Alameen Alhafeez.

It is my since appeal to few advocates in our community to approach the courts to get this process of delegitimizing the degree of Hafiz by compelling him to go to school education instead of Arabic education which is a must,which makes him complete Hafiz. (to be contd…2) Related: timothy west sons, katie blair obituary, how many hours between shifts is legal in nevada, secondo miracolo eucaristico di lanciano, maitland police department mugshots, minimum wage in arizona 2023, are there alligators in nashville tennessee, how to permanently delete blocked contacts on whatsapp, is chris tate in a wheelchair in real life, how long can latanoprost be left out of the fridge lumigan, raf p3 presentation, robert schwartz, spruce capital, is fit for an autopsy a christian band, williams funeral service obituaries, tiktok zachary latham,Related: taylor’s virginia regiment, social class in park avenue, why is twitch sub more expensive on mobile, how much does pepsi pay messi, are pilgrimage and restoration synonyms or antonyms, mcdonald’s cartoon characters, dell wireless keyboard num lock turns off, citra and rowan fanfiction, ponchatoula high school football, upmc harrisburg internal medicine residency program director, jai alai deaths, kbrc radio auction, how long is tim hortons orientation, kevin o’connor salary this old house, is almond milk ok on aip diet,

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