Jai Bajrang Bali in Karnataka & Voter in UP Municipal Corporations Elections again fooled by Religious Hindutva Election Mafia – if BJP wins UP Municipal Elections by ballot – 2024 would be Declaration of Hindu Rashtra

(Bismillahnews-04-05-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) The future of Hindutva politics depends upon the election results of UP Municipal corporations election being held on 14,654 seats covering 80 Lok Sabha seats. One can easily say it is the mini general election before the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

The situation in UP precarious for traditional Muslims backed political parties due to all these outfits now have back stabbed Muslim voters from last 3 decades to develope exclusive Hindutva Vote bank which is Anti-Muslim in orientation. The BJP leads the Hindutva Vote bank share in these decades maintaining 30% of it at its worst & to 38% at its best which gives it absolute majority in Lok Sabha & big assemblies like UP.

With opposition divided BJP in earlier elections ensured victories by EVM pre-programmed machines in their favour. In current UP polls EVMs are not being used but election are taking place by ballot & today 4th May 2024 is the first phase of polling ,10th May 2023 being the second & last phase of polling.

So these UP election results will determine whether the Hindutva Vote bank of 30% is intact & from where the additional 8% votes come ?.For this BJP has distributed 395 tickets almost 2.5% of the total tickets to “Backward Muslims” to cut into Muslim votes Unity that stands solidly against BJP, already it has ensured Muslim vote gets divided in Samajwadi,BSP,Congress & ofcourse the biggest BJP financed road block to Muslim Unity Asaduddin Owaisi.

The Hindutva political heat in Karnataka is targetted via polimics amongst anti-Muslim Brahman parties to fool the world that Hindu is democratic & Muslims as Muslims need fear but back Congress(I) manifesto. The reason for being allowed to running this manifesto should also be made clear. Syed Shuja EVM expert in hacking on assylum in USA had a month earlier already has shared his input that elections in Karnataka via 32,000 EVMs out of which 19,000 have already been pre-programmed in BJP’s favour giving it 118 seats even before voting on 10th May 2023 leaves only 106 seats where BJP need 0 seats to form the next govt. Safe it is to it benefit to test it’s Hindutva Anti-Muslim polimics to seek win on Hindutva platform in 106 seats which could be 0 to 106 seats. It also implies that non – Anti Muslim tradition vote seekers pushing again a soft hindutva wrapped in banning Bajrangdal etc.also have a chance to win from 0 to 106 seats here, serving the Brahmin Indian Anti-Muslim state to show to the world it is Hindu democracy which gives victory to Modi whether it is Karnataka or UP.

Syed Shuja has real inputs from the EVM numbers which cannot be denied. Though it is not clear what is he busy in Karnataka but certainly he is upto something may be using his expertise to reduce BJP numbers from pre-programmed EVM’s in co-ordination with INC(I) which has certainly been seen making things difficult for BJP in the 106 open seats..but would that make any change in final results ? As Amit Shah’s full page interviews to Communal Media Corporate’s indicate. Syed Shuja who already has predicted a comfortable victory for BJP in Karnataka via EVMs has said it in clear words.

BJP & INC (I) have ensured Democracy in India remains Hindutva Centric who so ever wins. The world needs to wake up to this democratic sham of Brahmin non Brahmin parties dipped in Islamophobia, more importantly the paid muslim participants to strengthen this Islamophobia like AIMIM, JIH, JUIH, Muslim League, NC etc. by giving credibility to elections in India should first be ire of all of us to get out of this trap.Syed Shuja has done his part & I too have mine, let’s hope one day we will get success to break this mafia of political parties & establish a just order. ****

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