Islamophobe & hate monger Tarek Fateh as per his last wish was denied Hindu funeral

(Bismillahnews-25-04-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Tarek Fatah Hindu India sponsored hate-monger an Islamophobe as per his last wish was denied Hindu funeral. More over Muslims globally saw to it that he is was denied space anywhere on earth for his “Muslim” burial. Most probably Zionist corporates have arranged a green burial for him.

During Covid times eminent Indian politician Maneka Gandhi in an article on NDTV website had expressed her post death wish that her body should not be burned by fire & wood or by an electronic crematorium but she should be burried at her residential garden, well that is half way towards Muslim way of burial, though her decision was more green oriented than islamic.

In Tarek Fatah’s case her murtidd daughter has maintained a conspitorial silence on whether his fathers dead body was burried or burned ?

Only few months back he had teamed up with Tehseen Poonawala & Sushant Sareen to file an F.I.R. against me by accusing me that I had threatened Tehseen of death for supporting Uniform Civil Code in place of Personal Laws of Muslims.Later on all the three failed in their mission to gain sympathy of Hindus by making false accusations. Tarek Fatah deleted his tweet realising he is on wrong turf against me so did the Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi’s “Muslim” face Tehseen , who finally announced his defeat by claiming he is not a Muslim but an atheist. Such is the terror that Tehseen did not even tweet a word on Tarek Fatah’s death.

Entire India / Modi government tried it’s best to keep away from his last rites. Only RSS number 2 made a condolence on behalf of RSS. Congress leaders & other politicians from Brahmin parties too expressed grief & pain for this illegal child of Islamophobic hate-mongering Brahmin India. On the other hand Muslims globally sighed a relief at the end of a fit-teen.


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