Islam & Quranic message cannot be served to Amit Shah & Anti-Muslim forces by these agents

Islam & Quranic message cannot be served to Amit Shah & Anti-Muslim forces by these profession agents of Hindutva … INSHAALLAH.

(Bismillahnews-08/04/23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui)
To the extent of begging

This is the kind of subservient Muslim the madaris and Mullahdom has produced in the last 75 years in India.
This guy is making fun of Islam even

Mulla Shamim Munaimi who was making fun of Islam in front of Nitish is actually a dancing darwesh who has nothing to do with Islam.

It was in the month of June-July 1999 that the Mullah dom mafia spread the fatwa farman to its subjects during the Lok Sabha elections that the BJP/RSS prints pictures of Prophet Mohammad PBUH in text-books in India & indulges in Anti-Muslim rioting hence Muslims of India should not vote for them. These Mullahdom them were paid to dance to the tune of Indian National Congress & they played to the gallery of Congresses first family.

What has transpired in April 2022 that these Mullahdom now find the same forces led by Modi & Amit Shah “Different” & cheater of the Muslim community like Kamaal Farooqui & cut Mullah Niaz Farooqui are on camera praising Modi & Shah vis a vis policies on Muslims of India…?

Last week a delegation led by Mahmood Madni met Home minister Amit Shah with a charter of 9 demands. This team went to the extent of licking their spittoon & praising Anti-Muslim forces as good for Muslims ? How overnight this change took place? Obviously 2024 is approaching & Modi team is doing everything to remain in power in 2024 by hook or crook.

A fat sum of cash should have been distributed to win over these Mullahs from Congress party & other political parties.

It is hardly a matter of concern that such an arrangement by these Mullahs in favour of BJP could make Hindutva victorious over Quran & its messages. Even a small bachcha of the community has total faith.(To be Contd…2)
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