Indian Muslim : The Ontology of a Subhuman

Indian Muslim: The ontology of a subhuman – By Dr.Arshad Mohsin

(Bismillahnews-10-05-23-New Delhi-Dr.Arshad Mohsin) Today we shall discuss the reason for which the Indian Muslims are not afforded the same rights and respect as the majority Indians (for example no Indian Muslim is allowed to sit amongst the ruling elites in the Gujarat state Assembly), and why they are not conceived as real humans (for example there are hundreds of posh Indian localities where Muslims are neither allowed to buy properties nor are they permitted to live amongst the majority community even as tenants), and how their subhuman status allows them to be understood as criminals (for example majority of Indian movies depict Muslims as villains, gangsters and rapists), degenerates (for example most of the Muslim population of India live in slums and ghettoes with negligible sanitizational amenities), terrorists (for example even the brightest Indian Muslim scholar if caught protesting against the tyrannical policies of the govt. he or she is slapped with the sections of criminal laws that were meant for hard core rebels and terrorists) and even parasites (calling Indian Muslims as Rohingya or Bangladeshi parasites is the most common example of all) that are infesting the so-called orderly body of the great Indian nation.

Sub-humanization is a dangerous form of tyranny which works with affects rather than with theoretical analyses, with visualizations and imaginations instead of intellectual concepts, and with a normalized, manufactured common sense and a thorough gaslighting of the masses. It is argued that at the core of the subhuman lies the idea of chaos, unhealthy appearance, and disorderly behavior, from which humanity is removed. All these have been done to Indian Muslims through the tactics and tools available or made available to the tyrants of the Indian subcontinent. By tyrant I mean a person who feels entitled, arrogant and feels a need to exploit others. Who feels superior to other people but also feels it necessary to bring others down.

Indian Muslim leaders as willing partners:

As the ordinary Muslim plebians were busy struggling to make both ends meet, Muslim political courtiers and freelancing clergy had been working hand in gloves with the tyrants to subvert an already subdued and marginalized Muslim population of India. Subverting the noble readers of Quran (not implementing a verse though) into a submissive obedience to the tyrant is the only task given to the Muslim political and religious henchmen for which they are not only trained by the national security agencies but also paid handsomely (The Bukhari’s, the Owaisi’s and the so called Mada-nis are the latest chips off the old blacks of Mir Jafar’s and Mir Sadiq’s). Consorting with the tyrants meant being part of the everyday spurious Islamophobic propaganda, it meant helping them oppress the Muslims politically, it meant depriving the minority community of even the basic human rights, it called for agreeing to be discriminated against and forcefully silenced on everyday violations, it also meant normalizing state violence, imprisonment, torture and even pogroms. The Muslim leaders (the courtiers and the clergy) agreed to every term and condition of the tyrants in exchange for their own security, publicity and unaccountable wealth.

The weapon of mass deception against Indian Muslims:

The Owaisi schools of excellence of the Owaisi brothers, the Shaheen group of institutions patronized by the Madan- is and the Madaris by the Bukhari’s are all bankrolled by the tyrants and designed to create conformity and obedience to them, rather than fostering creativity and critical thinking. In the name of Muslim education, the henchmen’s approach to education is harmful to students and the community, resulting in a population that is passive, unengaged, and unable to think for themselves. Although the Indian education system is deliberately designed to produce this outcome, and that it serves the interests of the ruling elite, who benefit from a docile and compliant population, yet when it comes to Muslim education it is even the worst form of subversion. The Madarsa boards designed by the British and continued by the tyrants till today are factories that produce good-for-nothing graduates who at best man the political and religious rallies called by these hench men to serve their political masters, who congregate at religious functions organized by the Sarakari clergymen and are hardly able to earn a living by giving private Deeni tuitions door to door. The one big damage that these Madaris have been able to do is that their alumni have grabbed the pulpits of all the Masajid as Imams in India and are smoothly spreading unfounded propaganda and disinformation in the name of Islam. This serves the tyrants so well that the current rulers have created a deceptive union of Imams called the All-India Imam organization spearheaded by the Ilyasi’s,

For the Muslims of India to come out of this slavery and the sad sub-humanized state, they must consider an alternative approach to education, business and survival as equals with their countrymen and that’s not possible until the Quran is reintroduced as their source of judgement and law, of knowledge and wisdom, of sciences and human development. Anything else will only further their perennially pathetic existence.

By: Dr. Arshad Mohsin

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