India From Democratic Republic to Kufristan

Ujjain is the age old capital of Hindurashtra under King Vikramaditya . The visit of PM Modi to the Ancient city & its renovation of temples by state govt. is the open declaration of communal card to appease his followers by promoting & aligning with Hinduism & to restore its pristine glory The Shirk is at its peak. But can such fakery to fool Hindus bring glory to India, can such Pooja rituals before stones do any harm or good to anyone ? Modi is only harming Hindus by pushing India in dark ages & his actions are awakening Muslims to take this fight to the end.InshaAllah.

If they were so confident of having pleased Mahakaleshvar “God” the Modi govt.would not have placed full front page 3000 plus daily newspapers all over India & excluded all Urdu Newspapers ? This is the biggest religious political hindutva visit launched by BJP. It must be taken headon & exposed, Only United Muslims of the sub-continent can do this.InshaAllah

Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui, Chief Editor,Journalist,Publisher & Activist

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