Imran Khan Challenges Anti-Muslim Modi’s arrogance

(Bismillahnews – 26-06-23- New Delhi – Sohail Siddiqui ) @PTIofficial @ImranKhanPTI @soldierspeaks @sabine_kayani @amanafghan111 @TalibanUpdates @suhailshaheen1 @Zabehulah_M33 @OryaMaqboolJan

Modi after the US agreement accepts he has no guts to take on Pakistan , hence makes escapism by saying Pakistan will fall on its own & rely on internal agents of Hindutva & Israel in Pakistan ( The imported govt. + Gen.Asim Munir & Gen.Bajwa team ) to carry on Modi’s Job. But Alhamdulillah PAKIB Muslims leader Imran Khan will InshaAllah fail them in dirty designs with absolute victory in the October elections.InshaAllah.

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