Hindutva Control : Why School Education is against Muslim boys & girls ?

(Bismillahnews-27-04-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) The VC of Jamia Millia Islamia University New Delhi,Najma Akhtar head of 20,000 strong Campus of 99% Muslim boys & girls yesterday met the head of the govt.of Islamophobia in India to praise his “Mann Ki Baat” ignoring the regular negative impact of the programme by PM has slided India to the position of 150 from 142 on freedom of press Index globally “Incredible impact” … it has enabled RSS,BJP & its fascist wings to disinform,polarise,divide & built distrust among them on religious lines.

It should be be noted that Najma Akhtar owes her rise to her shady association with RSS Leader & terror accused Indresh Kumar who got her selected to the post of VC for her pro Hindutva ideology converting the free campus into death bed, A state tyranny when she sided with Delhi police in the infamous assault on students in the library during NRC protests.

The systematic killing of Muslim liberal educational institutions by Hindutva intellectual torture cell may it be at AMU or MANUU by planting pro- RSS individuals as their heads is before all.

These attempts are synonym with the Muslim Urdu press replaced by Urdu press run by Hindutva corporates & shamefully Muslim journalists are doing the propaganda of their pay masters at Hindutva.

Not to mention that such school education offers the best slow poisioning for Muslim values, culture & religion under the strict control & watch of Hindutva.

Below is a talk by eminent Arabic Quranic Scholar part of global think tank working for Renaissance of Muslims.

The Times India Today published this news only to send message to Hindutva brigade that see how Jamia Millia Islamia a global Islamic institution has accepted Narendra Modi’s Anti-muslim zero tolerance Hindutva.Shame on VC Najma Akhtar may the spirit in Jamia , Aligarh & Manuu never die may the resistance win in 2024. May such Hindutva sponsored VC’s & Muslim leaders embedded with RSS be punished by Almighty. Ameen.

Not these centres of modern education but products of Darul uloom Deoband, 5000 of them after completing Hifz are been sent to schools … to kill the Quran in them permanently by the govt.funded Jamiat Ulema e Hind & its pocket organisation Shaheen.May the curse be on all of them in killing Huffaz e kiram.

Wrong interpretation of IQRA in Urdu press are being spread that it means gain any education even if you have to go to China.

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