Fake Imams Illyasi’s & Fake intellectual sons of “Rashtra Pita” the terror accused.

Syed Ahmed Qadri (squadri806@gmail.com) lamblasts RSS Chief’s meeting with self appointed Imam Dr. Umair Ahmed Illyasi of a Curzon road family mosque cum residence cum political office of notorious Illyasi brothers famous for murdering his wife to runing notorious mewati criminal Mafia gang through his television show. Jameel Ahmed Illyasi who earned his bread & butter by trapping people via faking black magic had RK Dhawan among his victims.He had access to late Indira Gandhi & Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi with his black magic services.Last he was close to PV Narashimha Rao through Pandit NK Sharma who entertained him with Six year old young flesh his weakness in Mumbai for his services in demolition of Babri Masjid. Umair Illyasi who inherited his empire would often be heard by Namazis yelling at his father Abba tujhe maar doonga during his father’s last days.It is still a mystery why was Jameel Ahmed Illyasi buried in residence cum masjid compound ? People narrate various stories about Unnatural death of Jameel Illyasi.Umair Illyasi has been last reported by Hindi NBT claiming that Indira Gandhi & Sudarshan visited Curzon road Masjid which are absolute lies. I introduce Mr.JameAhmed Illaysi to K.R.Malkani at his ferozeshah road residence, one fine morning Malkani walked to the Curzon road Masjid that started the pàrleys with Senior Illayasi supporting Vajpayee in 1998 elections,then in 1999 elections at my behest. Umair Illyasi handed over to me a letter written in English on Imam Organisation letter head demanding one crore as expenses for campaigning for Vajpayee in 1999 elections , slipped in BJP gypsy behind my seat to meet Malkani at Ashok Road. At the eleventh hour Jameel Ahmed Illyasi called me for a demand of 20 lakhs which was conveyed to Malkani ji & to my knowledge nothing happened. Malkani ji took Umair Illyasi to Vajpayee PMO where he was send in goodwill India Haj delegation in 1999. Then mysterious death of Jameel Ahmed Illyasi took place as he would stop Umair from indulging in unnatural lusts. Suhaib Illayasi his elder son a famous Tv serial producer, anchor of TV show India’s Most Wanted was set free after years of court cases (for murdering his wife Anju for dowry) courtesy PM Modi’s office. The youngest son an illiterate was awarded a Doctorate degree courtesy Modi governments recommendations to a Haryana/Punjab University. The only literate in their gang who led Vajpayee Himayat Committee in 2004 from late Pramod Mahajan’s residence has too managed a Doctorate & now is Dr.Khawaja Iftekhar who rose to popularity by writing a book on RSS Chief’s Mohan Bhagwat’s Muslim efforts ” THE MEETING OF MUSLIM MINDS” & managed National media coverage – Bhagwat inaugurated this book before 2019 Lok Sabha elections 3 years back. Suhaib Illyasi is a defaulter with I&B ministry by millions from last 3 decades.

Though Umair Illyasi was adopted by Zions/Freemasons he has visited 50 plus countries as official GOI delegate to the parliament’s of these countries including Israel.When Barack Obama was on India republic day parade & held a special programme @ Srifort this  Umair Illyasi used his Guru Sri Sri to get a pass to the auditorium but best of his efforts he could not reach Obama for his Modi like Jappi on Obama… Which he accomplished by calling a terror accused as Father of the Nation…. The other face of Illyasi politics is Shahid Siddiqui the intellectual terrorist jailed for promoting London based Khalistani terrorist for money in 2 part interview & gang of Qureshi, Jung , Shervani ? …to be continued…(2)

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