ED to re-attach accounts of Jamiat Ulema e Hind ?

(A Sohail Siddiqui,New Delhi) In 1991 Congress (I) led UPA govt.PM Narasimharao attached Jamiat Ulema E Hind accounts due to dispute over Jamiats ownership,the account had fat balance of hundreds of crores. In 2015 Modi govt. released this account back to Jamiat Ulema E Hind by asking Arshad Madni & Mehmood Madni factions to patch up & resolve dispute of ownership of JUIH ,otherwise govt.is going to permanently freeze the account. This favour to Jamiat was not out of blue as Jamiat & its team had silently not opposed Modi in 2014 Lok Sabha elections.Subsequently Arshad Madni visited RSS office & supported Mohan Bhagwat efforts to work for “Hindu-Muslim Amity”. This writer who contested as an Independent candidate against Modi from Varanasi in 2014 was denied JUIH support by Arshad Madni over telephone when he replied “What is the need to defeat Modi?”. And subsequently Jamiat surrendered before SC verdict on Ayodhya in a total sell out to the govt. of the day along with Owaisi,AIMPLB & AIMMM,AIMIM & whose who of Muslim leadership. This was followed by Triple Talaaq Verdict & removal of Article 370, supported by these Munafiqeens. AIMIM’s & other Muslim political parties & Jamaat i Islami have bartered Muslim cause to anti – Muslim forces in govt.for the fear of losing prime land in Okhla JIH head office & AIMIM it’s parties registration for violation of EC rules of having communal name of the party. Owaisi surrendered before a High Court PIL in 2015 & compromised with Muslim cause for his status co. additionally the govt.favoured his brother Akbaruddin Owaisi in a hate speech case.Illyasi too got multiple personalcases with drawn on him & his brother Suhaib a telivision serial producer from SC in murder case of his wife Anju.
The AIUDF Ajmal group too runs multiple businesses & is constantly under requirement of favours by GOI which he obliges inside & outside parliament. The other category of Muslim leadership the Tablighi Jamaat is a 1000 odd group of leaders who are a group of real estate landlords each worth not less than 500 cr. to 5000 cr and are directly controlled by Nizamuddin Tablighi markaz head Maulana Saad who was forced by govt.intelligence & ED agencies during Corona period to surrender & become friend of NSA Ajit Doval.Finally the Dargahi leadership has long been infiltrated by unislamic rituals & hence are from a long time part of RSS’s vision of Islam at dargah being a panth of Hinduism.
So the last straw on the back of fake Muslim leaders Munafiqeens in India which will bring complete total zero tolerance of Islam in India & any challenge by it to revivalist forces of Hindutva to declare India a land free from real Islam & possibility of its revivalism ever.Already the Muslim leadership in all political parties in India including BJP has been marginalised.
Does that leave Indian Muslims any option but to bond with fellow Muslims in Asia to challenge this unholy persecution of Muslims in the sub-continent by ruling government’s ? Afghanistan provides the inspiration … InshaAllah.

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