Do Indian Muslims have an alternative to K-12 Education System ?

(Bismillahnews-29-04-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) We present before you the alternative to present school system of K-12 in India & internationally. The present system of education & its short comings vis a vis Muslim children are many fold, Dr.Arshad Mohsin here below discusses the issue in its entirety.

The existing Indian education system how it doesn’t fulfill the muslim aspirations is too apparent in the report below on Education Scene in India.

Though by following K-12 system you become educated slave of the selfish world, where medical Doctor views the patient as a Bakra to milk him as much to his benefit rather than help him cure his disease.This degradation in all professions are because of K- 12 education system imposed on the world by the British when they declared English language’s knowledge to be the only parameter of being educated, rest non English speaking were declared uneducated.

Another fraud in name of “Al-Karim” University is same K-12 launched to promote Dajjali products to be consumed by Anti-Muslim societies working to sabotage Quranic Societies.
When a child pays crores of rupees as his fees for getting higher education, naturally he uses this education to mint 10’s of crores to recover the investment made on his education, in the process using all unfair means to earn. Businessman, Teachers, Professors, Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Advocates, Charted accountants,Civil servants, Politicians, Journalists, Editors every one has just one mission how to accumulate by any means… Corrupting the entire Society materially & morally.

The alternative to K-12 system has to be free education for all based on educating kids best to their natural abilities which the creater has imbibed in them. For entire humanity the message of Quran is the first thing which must be taught not only to Muslims but to all as our creater is the Rabbul Alameen not only Rabbul Muslimeen.

5 yrs old child hardly takes 6 months to
3 yrs depending upon the child to completely learn by heart the message of the creater the Quran by heart. After this the child can devote another 5 years to understand the message then choose a particular field to serve the humanity.Say he or she wants to be a doctor then Hikmat/Hakeem Tibbia/ Tibb e Nabwi can serve the best.Only hundred years back the Tabibs were shining & Western medical world stood no where near them. After killing the tradition sciences serving humanity , the immoral medical world has took over creating more diseases than curing them.

The pharmaceutical business in name of cheap medicines has totally disturbed the genetics of humans. At present they use pig contents in all-all medical products. 7 to 8 forms of Human beings have cropped up after the emergence of modern medical industry using depressant quick relief.

Same is happening in all professions, Engineers are creating transport for few, disturbing the moral balance & Civil engineers are creating Sky-Scrappers adding to compartmental living that multiplies unhealthy selfish living & breaking of families etc.

The modern education on K-12 has created irreparable imbalances with nature, among human beings & other species. It is high time to return to Qurans basics of community living and restore balance with nature. Muslims do not need to run behind the Westernised education which few selfish leaders want them to do blindly as if it is the solution to all their ills.

Time tested message of Allah SWT in Quran needs to be read again & implemented by Muslims which is the only model which restores all balances among the natural forces.

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