Conspiracy behind disbanding defunct probes from Jain Commission to MDMA

(Sohail Siddiqui) My very popular Newspaper Urdu Weekly Hamara Qadam New Delhi then with a circulation of a hundred thousand copies in 1991 had submitted in an affidavit one of its issues having a cover story post Rajiv Gandhi assassination pointing towards internal conspirators on the dictates of Mossad & CIA behind Tamil Tigers LTTE in executing the plan to eliminate Rajiv Gandhi.
How the then Law minister a protege of PM Narasimha Rao & Chandra Swamy got the Jain commission of enquiry to probe Rajiv Gandhi’s death defunct protecting Chandra Swamy who was named in the report by Urdu Weekly Hamara Qadam . Decades later in the same Congressi minister on retirement as governor of Karnataka showered praise for Modi in 2017 before his death.
When the Rao govt.then Manmohan govt. never were working to find out the culprits can you expect the American/Israeli controlled Modi go ahead with the probe ? They have given silent burial to the 30 years of govt.of India nautanki in the name of the probe to find out Rajiv Gandhi assassination Conspiracy. After the Godse bullets it Sanjay Gandhi air crash & then Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination all linked to RSS game plan of Hindu Rashtra by hook or crook.SAAM,DAAM,DUND,BHED… Unfortunately the remaining Gandhi’s have joined RSS bandwagon to be spared & enjoy masturbation of politics.
The Kudal Commission formed by Mrs.Gandhi in 1975 to probe into the role of activities of CIA in India submitted its complete report to home-ministry. In 2000 this writer asked KR Malkani to ask for a copy of the report from LK Advani Home minister & dy.PM only to be informed in writing by LK Advani that the report does not exist in the ministry. Israeli & American ( CIA & MOSSAD ) clears all the possible foot prints of it crimes…so is the burial of MDMA…the irony is even the Congress party & the Gandhi family accept this with no protest…why ?

Special agency set up for Rajiv case disbanded

Neeraj Chauhan

NEW DELHI: The government has disbanded the multi-disciplinary monitoring agency (MDMA) constituted within the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to investigate a wider international conspiracy angle in the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gan- dhi in 1991, and transferred the case to one of its regular branches, people familiar with development said.

MDMA, set up in 1998 on recommendations of the Justice MC Jain Commission of Inquiry which ity. probed conspiracy aspect of Gan- Gandhi was assassinated on the dhi’s assassination, was headed by night of May 21, 1991 at Sriperum deputy inspector general (DIG) budur in Tamil Nadu by a woman rank officer of CBI and comprised suicide bomber, identified as of 4-5 officers from Research and Dhanu, at a poll rally. Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Revenue Intelli- gence at time of its disbanding.

There was a time when it was headed by a joint director rank officer and had at least 40 officers working in it. “For nearly two dec- ades, MDMA officers were dedicated to the case. Formal judicial requests (also known as Letter rogatories) were sent to several countries including Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Malaysia, the UK, etc; over a dozen foreign trips were made spending crores of rupees; bank transactions of LTTE’s front organisations before and after assassination and movement of arms around that time were investigated; but there was no progress”, said an officer, who didn’t want to be named.

“It was high time MDMA was closed”, he added, asking not to be named. A second officer said that in 2009, the then chief of MDMA recommended winding up the unit in a note to CBI director say ing “it was wastage of time and public funds”


years as there was no break through on any international conspiracy,” said the second officer, speaking on condition of anonym

Fourteen others, including Dhanu herself, were also killed. Gandhi’s assassination was proba bly the first case in the country of suicide bombing which had claimed the life of a high-profile leader. The people cited above said the government sent a communiqué to CBI in May this year order ing termination of MDMA as there was no need to spare four-five offi cers for a conspiracy probe pend ing for two decades.

They, however, clarified that the case remains open with the Special Task Force (STF) of CBI

The decision to close MDMA was taken around the time when the Supreme Court in May ordered the release of accused AG Perarivalan, who was serving life sen tence, noting his long incarceration of over 30 years and no his tory of complaint when out on parole. The Tamil Nadu govern ment has also supported the pre mature release of seven other convicts including S Nalini and RP Ravichandran.

A former CBI director, without The special unit within CBI was being named, said-“It’s good that MDMA has been closed. It was no year, for the past 20 years (after serving any purpose and lot of the initial two year tenure) “had resources have been put in it for become almost defunct over the nothing”.

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