Catapaulting BJP & co. / Nitish & Lalloo Family over Muslim blood

Catapaulting BJP & co. / Nitish & Lalloo Family over Muslim blood

(Bismillahnews-10/04/23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Eminent Ambedkarite Advocate Mehmood Pracha on his return from Bihar held a press briefing the details are reproduced below. It is shocking that he has expressed faith in CM Nitish Kumar & Lalloo Family putting the anti-muslim agenda on the shoulders of their “advisers”. Nitish & Lalloo have jointly ruled Bihar from last 3 decades & no one is remotely in doubt how Topi & Gamcha Iftar parties have been used to fool Muslims to vote them to power.Nitish in particular sat over Gandhi Maidan blasts enquiry during the 2014 Lok Sabha campaign facilitated by Anti-Muslim forces. In last ten years he has locked his lips in calling BJP / RSS terrorist outfits rather has enjoyed sharing power with Sushil Modi as his deputy CM.

What has made Mehmood Pracha promote Nitish Kumar as PM candidate ? This dirty game of spilling Muslim blood & using Muslims emotions to make or unmake Prime Ministers is an old RSS/Socialist combined Conspiracy from the days of JP.

Nasbandi,Meerut,Malihana,Bhagalpur,Nille … etc were all targeted spilling of Muslim blood to politically reap for Socialist RSS joint conspiracy to come to power using Muslim emotions & insecurity… & Babri Masjid – Shahbano were too sucked by elitist Muslim agents of Socialist brand of leaders.

The falling of Mehmood Pracha advocate in this trap has been packed with same agenda… the call of booking RSS/BJP under terror acts ? These Socialist agents of RSS can only fool Muslims with false promises as their 70 years history is before us. What is the need to jump on the ship of these socialists ? They least want Muslims as equals…Mulayam Singh Yadav,George Fernandes & Sharat Yadav were part of NDA & Nitish is & has been with them. V.P.Singh too was deserted by these Socialists & a JP Chela Corporate wheeler – Dealer,Thakur Ex-Journalist turned M.P.again operating as Superman in RSS chaddis – Santosh Bhartiya spins these webs on Muslim “Leadership” traps them to conclude RSS/Socialist power designs using Muslims. ( InshaAllah to be Contd…)

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