Carrot & Stick policy of Hindutva…Visit to Mosque & Madrasa with raids on PFI

RSS fears return of Muslim rule via revival of Muslim unity in the sub-continent & globally against Anti- Muslim India led by RSS, hence this bid to resurrect its used condoms among Muslims of India to force other traders/traitors of Muslim community to talk with RSS…that is what the Indian Express report reveals. Influence of Taliban Victory in defeating armies of 40 Nations with sole power of Quranic teachings following Prophet Mohammad’s (Pbuh) way of life is the model gaining roots in 35 crore strong Indian muslims plus 40 crore Paki & Bangla Muslims which is worrying RSS & Brahmin moles among Muslims such as Owaisi,AIMPLB, JIH,Deoband,Nadva, Bareilly,Jamaat e Islami, hence carrot & stick policy of Hindutva govt. is on… They visit Masjid Madrasa ,have dialogue & simultaneously raid, arrest PFI followers, creating Islamophobia & unity among Hindutva voters before 2024. Only Quran offers the way how to move ahead not dialogues with political movements for Muslims of the sub-continent if RSS & their allies have to be uprooted in India.

Dr. Arshad Mohsin an Islamic Scholar f
from India-Arab world an International think tank & Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui, a journalist ,Political analyst, activist from New Delhi are already on the job to launch direct action against the Dajjali forces by forming a consolidation of like minded brothers & sisters from Afghanistan,Pakistan, India,Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. Those indulging in talks with Anti-Muslim Dajjali forces are part of the engagement strategy of Hindutva which was implemented in Babri Masjid,370,3talaaq cases.
….Sohail Siddiqui – Chief Editor,Journalist,
Publisher & activist ,N.Delhi.
[28/09, 9:54 am] Ahmedsohail Siddiqui:

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