Atiq Ahmed Murdered by Police Conspiracy – Witnesses

Indian Media honours Saffron Murder embeds Saffron crime – Asad-Atiq-Ashraf – Victims of Brahmin Democracy

(Bismillahnews-New Delhi-16-04-23-Sohail Siddiqui) The ever vigilant social media with in four hours is loaded with eyewitnesses in Prayagraj stating that the 3/4 killers of Atiq Ahmed & his brother were brought in police escorts in the medical hospital complex where they in police protection performed the assassination with out fear of anyone & the police then took all the killers safely in their Jeep to claim they have surrendered.

Noted Pulitzer award winner Arundhati roy has tweeted the above asking questions on police involvement. Crpc 144 has been invoked in UP State with tempers running high against CM Yogi Adityanath govt. amongst the public at this unlawful one sided killings of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh questioning the state of Law & Order. The UN & President of India has been approached by this writer for dismissal of the UP govt.under article 356.

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