#AsimMunirGaddar awarded Bharat Ratna by Major Gaurav Arya

#AsimMunirGaddar awarded Bharat Ratna by Major Gaurav Arya

(Bismillahnews-New Delhi-30-05-23-Sohail Siddiqui) It gives me greatest pleasure to Expose how #AsimMunirGhaddar has been awarded for his loyalty to Hunood-Yahood takeover of Pakistan under him & the Shareef brothers government run from New Delhi. I remain the only journalist globally to have reported that the nuclear assets of Pakistan have already been surrendered to Modi-Israel team running Pakistan from US embassy @ Islamabad. The repeated bid to stop Pakistan become Islami Pakistan for which it’s founders opted for its separation from India has been sabotaged again & again by multiple enemies of Muslims & Islam including the British, Hindutva backed by Israel & “Nationalist” “Muslim” leaders of India propped by Brahim forces of deceit SAAM,DAAM,DUND,BHED… Chanakya Neeti.

The love for Asim Munir’s Army & contempt for Gen.rtd.Faiz Hameed by Major Gaurav Arya is evidence enough how the Brahmin mindset works to sponsor such elements in Pak Army who for power do their bidding to stop the emergence of a United Afghanistan,Pakistan under the flag of Islam ultimately scaring the shit out of fascist Hindutva atrocities on 30 crore Muslim Indian ever ready to unite with Bangladesh, Afghanistan & Pakistan & lead the 80 crore Muslim Ummah in the sub-continent under one flag to finish the mis-rule of the Zionist for real freedom as launched by Adil Raja from London.

Faiz Hameed the real architect of Afghan Victory & Taliban ‘s govt. is the sore in the eyes of Fascist Hindutva agents like Major Gaurav Arya’s  Nationalism imported from Israel sponsored by British Islamophobes run by Chanakya the vulgar guru who blames all evils on women.

Alhamdulillah with Adil Raja, Nazar Muhammad Chohan , Orya Maqbool Jan  & myself Sohail Siddiqui working for total revolution by uniting 80 CR. Muslims of the sub-continent InshaAllah good times are ahead.

The pimps of Zionists in Pak-Army need some real medicine by people of the free world to stop them from human right violations against women & democratic forces. Patting the back of Gen.Asim Munir & his acts of human rights violations by Major Gaurav Arya a close associate of right wing hindutva anti- Muslim Nationalist corporate corrupt thinkers lead by Republic TV’s Arnab Goswami & his patron Narendra Modi.(To be contd.2)




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