Asaduddin Owaisi has proved he is Unbeatable

(Sohail Siddiqui) The effect of shudhdhi Karan of Gandhi family kids at the river Narmada bank was a well calculated move of the Congress party to shed its pro – Muslim / Anti – Hindu image amongst the Hindu electorate of 2022. The Similes crossed all limits & the show went ahead to the extent that pledges of raksha from adharmi & cow protection etc were repeated by Rahul & Priyanka family , probably at dinner must have also been served with Gau mutra & Cow dung must for reversion to faith.

Congress party drowned it’s secular ideology permanently in the river Narmada to now openly shamelessly Don the Baghwa gown before the nation. Will this move benefit Congress Party ? Or benefit Hindutva led by Modi only ? The Kids at the mercy of Congressi Modi bhakts in Congress party have delivered to RSS & Modi in permanently damaging Congress Party amongst its pillars the minorities,the Dalits & Adivasis victims of Brahmanical anti-Muslim Hindutva now adopted openly by Congress Party in the shadow of BHARAT JODO YATRA.

The other side of the coin is it can prove to be single blessing in disguise for Asaduddin Owaisi & his AIMIM as Muslims the backbone of secular Congress & other secular parties will move totaly to his party all over India. This will put Asaduddin Owaisi in an unbeatable position in 2024 lok sabha elections as not only Muslims trust him with no alternative he is forging respectably the Dalits from all over India particularly his respectful regards for Mayawati’s political journey & need for strong BSP nationally.

To every action theirs an equally equal & opposite reaction.The results of Gujarat whatever they may be for BJP & Congress , if Owaisi is able to get even 10 out of 13 in Gujarat & 5 in Delhi he will have free run in India for next century his writ will rule India. But if BJP & Congress both fail to make government’s in Delhi & Gujarat and Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP get the reign then Owaisi faces road blocks of elimination. The best course for AIMIM is to transfer it’s support to APP in return for support on basic ideological agendas of Muslims represented by AIMIM in India, to achieve this Grand Oldman from TRS could mediate between AIMIM & AAP in alliance in Delhi & Gujarat.

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