Aqsa Mosque in Danger – Israeli air-power bombs Gaza residents killing 3 top Islamic Jihad leaders & 11 others including Children

(Bismillahnews-09-05-23-New Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui) Gaza has again been attacked , the unarmed Palestinians families sleeping at night have been killed in the garb of Israeli claim they had to do it to eliminate 3 islamic Jihad leaders. What is surprising is small 1 square kilometer area of Gaza has been hit at 10 points meaning entire area has been hit. Total 14 dead & several casualties have been admitted.

Many experts are surprised at no response from Hamas but attribute it to something big.After air strikes the ground forces of IDF are reported to be moving towards Nablus the main concentration in old city of lions the main Hamas fighters.

Last mayhem in Palestine by Israelis ended after 100 plus IDF pigs were sent to Jahannum by Hamas raising hue & cry among Zionist Jews turning the Israeli Jews against the war & the Zionists had to stop & accept humiliating defeat at the hands of unarmed palestinian.

This writer has strong feeling that after spreading fire powder globally post Ukraine the US-Zionist-Hindutva forces are about to ignite 3rd war using the bombing of Gaza residents a cover under Operation shield & arrow to demolish Aqsa Mosque and announce arrival of DAJJAL. The last report on Khalissee’s space confirmed Israelis storming Aqsa compound with protection of IDF troops.

The other thing noted by many is the silence of the world powers in support of Palestinians rather US state secretary Blinken has 4 hours back tweeted supporting Israel calling the aggression their right to defence.
The Subcontinent where the US-Zionists-Hindutva have aligned to destroy the possible emergence of unity among 80 crore Muslims in the sub-continent against these forces to stand against Israeli oppression on palestinian & Muslim people globally via Islamophobia. This deep-state third world war is moving towards Muslims verses rest to re-empower powerless NATO too against Muslim world.

Palestinian authorities have put total blame for escalation on Israelis for the current atrocities one-sided.
( The contents of the article are based 70% from From Khalissee’s Twitter Space GAZA UNDER ATTACK dated 09/05/23. The writer can be contacted at 8527022786 / 9811619669 – WhatsApp. )

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