An Interview with Dr.Arshad Mohsin – Mullah Dom is all about Money & Luxury.

An Interview with Dr.Arshad Mohsin – Mullah Dom is all about Money & Luxury.

(Bismillahnews-01-04-2023-Sohail Siddiqui) Dr.Arshad Mohsin an author,Scholar of Arabic & Quran is a hope against all hopes for Indian Muslims.He has taught Kuwaiti Arabs for almost last 2 decades & is an important member of International think tanks group working for Muslims emancipation via re-establishing Arabic/Quran in Indian Muslims as mother tongue to have Quranic way of life. He is quite popular for his Islamic Renaissance via Audio’s on YouTube @ Bismillah News Channel. His vast knowledge on Quran & its interpretation is revolutionary which exposed the Islamic institutions in India doing self service embedded with forces globally known as Islamophobic/Zionist. InshaAllah shortly his project on easy Arabic learning is about to hit the Indian market.We were extremely fortunate this Ramadan to have his views for

Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui: Hyderabad based “Arabic English Islamic” learning Institution run by Darul Arab Society…????

Dr.Arshad MOHSIN: Creating an endless burden of deliberate ignorance…
Keeping the Muslim youth far from the truth in order to prepare them for slavery of the Kuffar is their ultimate goal. The Mullah leadership is doing so to secure their seats in Legislative Councils and Rajya Sabha. The Madrassa kids are being used as cannon fodder.

( The fact is it is the fight within the Masjid Committees which results in complaints to authorities resulting in demolitions.And these Maulanas make an issue to suit their funds collection during Ramadan.)

Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui: Special issue of Urdu Daily R.Sahara on Madaris

Dr.Arshad MOHSIN: The Mullah Dom is all about money and luxury, they control the Islamic real estates of Masajid and Madaris, waqf properties in almost every town and city of India. While the Madarsa trapped kids are mired in endless poverty these scoundrels , the waqf board chiefs, the Mutawallies, the committees , the Jamiayats and Imarats are rolling in wealth. They have left the Masajid completely unsecured to be gutted while their own villas are always untouched. The madrassa kids are expendable while the children of the Mullahs are enjoying foreign trips and foreign education in collaboration with GOI.

Ahmed Sohail Siddiqui: True words … Will quote you InshaAllah in the next article on these ” Indian Madaris Marketing in Ramzaan” by embedded Urdu Press owned by RSS groups.

Dr. Arshad MOHSIN: They issue halal certificates to cow piss products and help RSS industries to export these filth to Muslim countries.

Dr. Arshad MOHSIN: Mullah Dom is anti Islam pro Kufr and is designed by the RSS to enslave the entire Muslim population of India. If only you look at their sinister role in the transfer of Babri Masjid to RSS goons you can understand how embedded they are in the current regime of chaos and tyranny.

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