All India Muslim Personal Law Board meets in Lucknow

All India Muslim Personal Law Board meets in Lucknow under complete protection of Yogi & Modi governments ?

(Sohail Siddiqui – 6th Feb’ 2023)) Why is it that the self acclaimed body of paid government Maulanas under Late Ali Miyan Nadvi in 1971 met to form a Nadvi family organisation with the name of All India Muslim Personal Law Board ? First objective was to follow orders of Mrs.Indira Gandhi to help her consolidate hold on Indian Muslims religious laws using Ali Miyan & his patriotic Nadwatul Ulema Madrasa in Lucknow, to later on bring changes in Muslim shariat laws of 3 Talaaq etc.Also use them to approve Hindu claim over Ram Temple Ayodhya , Krishna Temple in Mathura & Shiv Temple in Varanasi all allegedly demolished by Muslim rulers to built mosques over them namely Babri Masjid, Mathura ‘s Eidgah & Gyanvapi Masjid in Kashi Varanasi. The government purpose was to use AIMPLB to launch full fledged democratic movements of Muslims led by these Maulanas to protect Muslim Personal Laws & these 3 masjids allegedly built over Hindu Temples by Muslim rulers of India. By ensuring these Muslim movements are led by government puppets the government could easily get Hindus justice by patronising bigger movements for rescue of these Temples by state sponsored majority communal Hindu Organisations like VHP & RSS & support from its govt.control over Judiciary.

Since 1971 All India Muslim Personal Law Board has ensured Muslims loose all court battles whether in Ayodhya, Kashi or Mathura or on triple Talaaq issues or Waqf laws & misuse of its properties.
Now before 2024 these Maulanas have again become active by governments desire to help fascist Hindu consolidate against Muslims to again win election due in 2024. Why is AIMPLB not co-operating with international Kuwaiti Muslim Lawyers @ ICC in providing legal court files of Babri Masjid case to get Babri Masjid rebuilt at the same spot ? Why is AIMPLB hand in glove with government on systematically turning India into a fascist state.? Why is AIMPLB dominated by government agents who kept Board a hostage to the will of Hindutva on 370, Babri Masjid SC verdict & Triple Talaaq court case ? ( To be contd.)

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