AIMIM aim lessly wasting resources – OM MADANI & OM OWAISI – BJP/CONGRESS AGENTS.

AIMIM aimlessly wasting resources – OM MADANI & OM OWAISI – BJP / CONGRESS AGENTS.

(Sohail Siddiqui – 27-02-23 – New Delhi)
The recently concluded first National Convention of AIMIM’s office bearers had invited important party workers from 15 states in Mumbai Mumbra Maharashtra was a big thud, ill-timed , ill-conceived , agenda less & most importantly why not in Hyderabad or New Delhi , why in Mumbai ?

Owaisi in his Modi like behaviour has again shown all signs of running just one man show for him & his family.Using the wounds inflicted by politically hindutva embedded Political parties since Independence.

His abundant resources are no doubt too abundant resulting in wastage of time & efforts. 66 yrs third generation & created by secret arm of Independent govt.of India by diluting it’s earlier model to force the constitution of India down the throat of rebellious majority of Muslims of state of Nizam.

Owaisi has again served the Brahman political parties like his ancestors & generously helped his coffers letting Hindu Rashtra a clear path by controlling all resistance of Muslim masses. His words of support to Maulana Arshad Madni’s “Adam alaihissalaam” landing in India clearly points towards the jugal bandi of Jamiat – Ulema e Hind & AIMIM in surrendering legally the Babri Masjid for construction of Ram temple as the Maulana OM Madni has flaunted in his Patna speech yesterday – the 26th Feb’2023.

Nothing can be more challenging then aligning with Taliban, Pakistan which is not the destiny of OM Madni & OM Owaisi as this is the last year before 2024 elections in India before Modi gives more rope to these OM walas to not let 30 crore Muslims of India integrate with Muslims of Afghanistan,Pakistan, Bangladesh to Unitedly stand against Islamophobic COWforces for their survival. 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