Adil Raja & his associates booked globally for hacthing terrorism Conspiracy against the state of Pakistan

(Bismillahnews – 16-06-23 – New Delhi – Sohail Siddiqui ) After being unsuccessful in demolishing Imran Khan’s PTI party in Pakistan the Army backed Pak-govt has opened its outside Pakistan front using its Embassies / Counsel  to hit back the think tank activist journalists fighting against the human rights violations launched by the Pak army chief Asif Muneer & the corrupt govt.of Shehbaaz Shareef on supporters of PTI & Imran Khan. The majority of anger is against the illegal mass arrests of political workers & in these arrests sexual & physical abuse of men & women for settling political scores using army for the purpose by claiming hatching of planned attacks on the state of Pakistan & its Army on 9th May by them.

While this domestic political human right violations activated more anger against Pak-Army’s human rights violations leading to mass uproar against them in Pakistani diaspora staying in US, Europe etc. This massive public opinion globally & in Pakistan against the Army backed actions of suppressing democracy has forced to book those few Journalists who got together with limited resources to raise their voices against Pak-govt. The present action by Pak-govt against these few led by Adil Raja a rtd.major turned journalist who has brought the Pak-govt. on its knees. From India I have actively supported these heroes led by Adil Raja & I appeal all to stand by them against the fascist govt. Help by supporting Adil Raja through contribution in this fight against fascism.




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