80 cr Muslims of the Sub-Continent at Cross-Road, How to achieve Jinnah’s Muslim Nation ?

M A Jinnah the only ambassador of Muslim Unity who proved right in his argument that Hindu dominated India will choke Muslims. Had Jinnah lived for another decade to implement his vision of Pakistan surely Pakistan would not be where it is now.Shortly after his death it was wrongly & mischievously constructed that Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan was creation of a Secular state. 75 yrs later Pakistani’s have the opportunity of rejecting this false notion & again trying to resurrect the Pakistan of Jinnah’s Vision a strong Muslim land with Haqeequi Azadi a slogan adopted by Imran Khan against the Occupiers & agents of Occupiers in Pakistan. Orya Maqbool Jan & Adil Raja two of them are exactly trying to achieve this for Pakistan. But did Jinnah’s Vision exclude all those Muslims who did not join Pakistan ? No is my answer Jinnah wanted a Unity among Muslims of the sub-Continent as a Muslim Nation was only possible then. He was denied a Muslim Nation by Imperialist forces conniving with Islamophobic Hindu mind which Jinnah termed – Incorrigible. The 80 cr Muslims are again at cross road how to achieve their promised Muslim Nation snatched by British in 1857 & handed over to Nehru in 1947. ( Sohail Siddiqui , Chief Editor, Publisher, Journalist & Activist New Delhi ) … to be cont’d…part 2.


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